Get Your Kids On The Fast Track To Success With Martial Arts

From the second a child steps onto the mats to when he gets off them, you can guarantee that he will be changed forever. He will learn respect and discipline as he bows to his teacher and his teammates. He will learn patience and goal-setting each time he learns a new technique. As he works with different training partners to practice techniques, he will develop socialization skills. As he works on getting a technique right, he learns the importance of continuous self-improvement — and the list goes on and on.

Nothing beats an awesome session of BJJ!

There’s no doubt that one of the greatest gifts a parent could ever give his/her child is enrolling him/her in a martial arts class. Apart from self-defense, there are many other benefits to signing your child up for his/her first martial arts class – physical fitness, self-discipline, goal-setting and confidence. Because of these benefits, children who practice martial arts have shown tremendous improvements in their academics.

Sadie, Nathan and Victor Wales-Moore.

For Vanessa Wales-Moore, the confidence, discipline, and focus that her children inherited from practicing martial arts on a regular basis helped improve their grades dramatically. In fact, it has even helped them earn top honors in their school.

Simon Moore, Sadie and Victor’s father, a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), had always expressed his interest in enrolling his children in martial arts. “As soon as we moved to Singapore, we signed them up at Evolve MMA,” says Vanessa. After just a few months of training martial arts, Vanessa already started to see changes in both her children. “Victor became so much more organized,” she shares. “In fact, after training at Evolve, he’s now taking advanced Math classes. He’s always been good at Math, but this is just a whole other level.”

Victor wins a silver medal at a tournament.

Vanessa Wales-Moore’s daughter Sadie, 10 and son, Victor, 12,  have been students at the Pre-Teen Program at Evolve MMA for over two years. Since enrolling her children, she has seen some amazing changes in them, especially in academics. The perseverance Sadie and Victor developed through constantly working to get techniques right has certainly paid off for Vanessa. “My daughter (Sadie) has always excelled in school, but I think Evolve has helped her academically. She used to get frustrated very easily with things that were challenging and she would give up. But now, she keeps trying and trying, and doesn’t let setbacks stop her the way they used to. I give Almiro and the other professors a lot of the credit for that,” Vanessa shares.

Noble Cartagena Jr., the father of Evolve Student Of The Month Stephen Cartagena, has also seen his son improve in school thanks to martial arts. “His grades have definitely improved,” says Noble, “He’s been recognized as a model student at school and we rarely have to remind him to do his homework.”

The discipline enforced in each class undoubtedly instills a firm sense of responsibility in each child, encouraging them to do better on their own instead of relying on others. “I never have to get involved in homework, “ says Vanessa. “They’ve learned how to be more responsible and how to deal with things in a more adult way.” Noble agrees. “My son Stephen has also started to take on more leadership roles in class,” he says.

Evolve MMA Student of the Month Stephen Cartagena wins a silver medal in his last competition.

Give your child the opportunity to become the best version of himself/herself possible and enroll him/her in a martial arts class. Through martial arts, he will learn how to unleash his potential and reap all the awesome benefits of martial arts. You’ll arm your child with lifelong lessons that will change his/her life and give him/her the chance to excel in and out of the classroom. Sign your child up to give him/her the bright future he/she deserves!

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