[25 Oct 2014] Evolve Halloween Movie Night!

Evolve MMA Halloween Movie NightThis Halloween, Evolve will be screening 2 modern horror classics, “Shutter” and “The Conjuring”, right on the mats of Evolve Far East Square! Come enjoy a night of thrills with your training mates, family, and friends. There will be free flow of popcorn and other small bites on the house, but you’re welcome to bring some to share too!

Please note that a no-alcohol policy will be strictly enforced to show respect for the training ground.

Nightmare training from hell might just take on a whole new meaning..are you up for it?

Where: Evolve Far East Square
When: 25 October 2014
Time: 800pm – 1100pm
How: Register your name at the front desk of any Evolve location. Each member may bring up to 2 guests!

Only 100 spots available!

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