Here’s How You Can Be Your Fittest at Any Age

Age is just a number. You can be 7, 29, or 68 (any age, really) and still be at the peak of your fitness. We believe that it’s neither too early nor too late to get into the greatest shape of your life. After all, what better time is there than now?

If you’re ready to commit to your fitness goals and become the healthiest version of yourself, then read on. Today, Evolve Daily reveals 5 Secrets to Being Your Fittest at Any Age:

1) Make regular exercise a priority

Martial arts is a fun way to boost your fitness.

Martial arts is a fun way to boost your fitness.

We can never emphasize enough on the importance of staying active. This is really the most important step you’ll have to take on your fitness journey, in order to get healthier.

Apart from helping you to maintain your fitness, regular physical activity plays a part in helping you gain flexibility, strength, and power. These are important qualities to have and build upon, because we’ll eventually lose them as our bodies go through the natural aging process. So, if you wish to delay (or even reverse) this process, then put on your workout gear and hit the gym!

Getting started is always the hardest part. But we promise you it’s worth it! Once you’re at the gym, half the battle is already won. The other half depends on how much you’re willing to fight for your fitness during that hour of your workout. (Psst! We believe you’re more than able to make it count!)

Remember, one hour is only 4% of your day. So instead of making excuses, use that time and effort to establish a proper workout routine. It helps to set weekly goals along with your workout schedule, so that you’ll have something to work towards and keep yourself motivated.


2) Switch up your exercise routine to develop your muscles

Skipping can improve your heart health.

Skipping can improve your heart health.

Once you’ve established a workout routine of some sort, you’ll notice steady progress, and might even be surprised at how much stronger you’ve become, or how much further you can go without stopping.

Although it’s great that you’re getting fitter, you might eventually get to the point where you hit a plateau. This is where you “max out” from doing the same workout week after week. But fret not, there’s a way to break through the plateau – try something new!

When you engage in a new kind of physical activity, you’ll shock your muscles and possibly even utilize some muscle groups that you’ve barely touched previously. Hence, this would promote muscle development and help you burn fats more effectively, because the more muscle you build, the better your metabolism will be.

What’s more, cross-training has been proven to help with injury prevention and recovery, as well as lower your risk of getting various diseases as you get older.


3) Fuel up with the right food 

A post-workout salad should include protein so as to avoid muscle breakdown.

A post-workout salad should include protein so as to avoid muscle breakdown.

As you’re reading this point about the right food, you might immediately think of salads. While it’s important to have 3 to 5 servings of veggies daily, did you know that it’s just as important to include all other food groups? It’s called a balanced diet for a reason! So do ensure that you’re also getting enough protein, fats and carbs.

Although you might be enjoying a high metabolism rate now, do remember that this would eventually slow down. So don’t go too crazy with the junk food! Remember, moderation is key.

When your body gets the right amount of nutrients from the various food groups, you’ll not only reap the awesome benefits, but also perform better inside and outside the gym.


4) Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night


Besides helping you to think clearly, quality sleep also helps improve your memory.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re letting all those workouts and healthy meals go to waste. This is because your body can only recover properly when you clock in at least 7 hours of quality sleep per night.

What’s more, getting sufficient sleep helps you function better the next day, as well as maintain a healthy weight. Also, it gives your skin a natural glow because your body produces a hormone which boosts collagen when you’re catching those ZZZ’s! So sleep your way to better skin, and recharge for the new day ahead by getting enough rest.


5) Start small if you have to, and work on making progress

Bully-proof your kids by letting them learn self-defense.

Bully-proof your kids by letting them learn self-defense.

Let’s face it. Most of us are only motivated when we think about our desired outcome, and sometimes forget that fitness is a journey rather than a destination.

But it shouldn’t be this way, because like most things in life, fitness takes time to develop. So if you don’t see instant results after 2 weeks of working out and eating healthy, don’t throw in the towel! Instead, be realistic and focus on the progress you’ve made. It doesn’t matter if your progress is simply transiting from being a couch potato to running that first kilometer, or getting 8 hours of sleep on a weeknight. Progress comes in all shapes and sizes, and we think any kind of progress is worth celebrating!


Don’t let age stop you from becoming your fittest self. All of us at Evolve Daily believe that you have what it takes to get into the best shape ever. So go on, take that first step and commit to it. You got this!



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