Here’s How You Can Work On Your Muay Thai Defense

Learning how to properly defend yourself from your opponents is one of the most overlooked aspects in any martial art. Many of us get so focused on building our offensive skills that we forget how important defense is.

Particularly in Muay Thai, the more offensive combinations we learn, the more excited we become about using them that we neglect working on our defense. We drop our hands, forget to block, or check with our shins, inadvertently giving our opponents space to attack.


To work on your defensive techniques, you can incorporate them while doing combinations on the bag. When you are sparring, you can focus more on preventing kicks or punches from landing on you rather than landing them on your partner.


Working on defense may not exactly be the most exciting part of training, but its benefits are endless. In Muay Thai, we must not only be able to use all of our weapons but be able to react quickly and defend ourselves from strikes. The more we practice, the more of a habit it becomes. Eventually, it will become second nature.



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