Here’s How Martial Arts Can Increase Your Toughness

Life is filled with obstacles — small and big challenges that we come across each and every day. These challenges test us, push us to our limits, and require us to find solutions to the most difficult of problems.

A lot of times, challenges are extremely trying. There are instances when we lose confidence in ourselves. We begin to doubt our capabilities. This is where mental and physical toughness comes very much in handy, in situations when we feel like giving up and just conceding defeat. With toughness, we are able to power through our obstacles and hang around long enough to see triumph.

Toughness isn’t inherent in human beings, however. It’s a trait that is cultivated and developed over time. Individuals who have not had to face adversity are usually ill-equipped to handle difficult situations when they arise. So often we choose the easy path to success, not knowing that it is adversity that teaches the most important lessons.

If you’re looking to become a stronger and tougher individual, there is another way to develop this inner strength without having to actually go through life’s hardships. The lessons and experiences gained with martial arts training empower us with the strength and toughness we need to overcome any of life’s hurdles.

Do you want to increase your toughness? Give martial arts a try. Today, Evolve Daily shares four ways martial arts makes you a stronger and tougher person.

1) Martial arts makes you mentally and physically strong

One of the most obvious benefits of martial arts training is that it makes practitioners both mentally and physically strong. It is, after all, one of the most difficult workouts you will ever try. But the great thing about martial arts is that the challenges you face in training are gradual. You are never given an obstacle that you can’t overcome at your current level.

Before you progress to more advanced stages of training, you are first well-trained at the beginner level. World-class coaches and instructors make sure that you are ready before moving onto the next stage.

Development happens both physically and mentally, and your coaches are responsible for gauging your readiness. Because you are constantly pushed to your limits, you begin to achieve goals that you never thought possible. The more you progress in training, the more accomplished and experienced you become.

As you progress as a martial artist, you begin to gain more self-confidence and resilience. You being to feel powerful, and that you can handle any situation that life throws your way. Whether it is at your workplace, or in the martial arts gym, the lessons you have learned in training help you in handling any situation.

Martial arts also teaches you never to give up, so even if you are unsuccessful multiple times, it is always a learning process, and you always pick yourself up and try again.


2) It enhances your stamina and cardiovascular strength

A great deal of martial arts training has to do with constant and repetitive movement. The intricate techniques in disciplines such as Muay Thai, boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu require consistent and daily practice. Some training methodologies, especially in Muay Thai, make extensive use of cardiovascular strength.

Muay Thai, in particular, can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour each session. Not everybody likes doing cardio exercises, but with martial arts, it becomes fun and engaging. Because you are constantly using your energy in high-intensity workouts, martial arts also works great in developing your stamina.

After just a few weeks, you’ll feel much stronger and can go much longer in training due to increased fitness.

Whether you are training to increase the power of your boxing combinations, or strengthen the grip of your Muay Thai clinch, martial arts will ultimately work towards improving your cardiovascular strength. With better cardio, we are more efficient in our energy expenditure. Martial arts indeed has the power to get us in our best physical shape.

By being in our best physical shape, we also enhance the way we think. Intense physical activity like that of martial arts has been known to increase neuron survival in the brain which enhances learning and helps keep our cognitive functions working properly, and of course, makes us tougher in the process.


3) It gives you self-discipline

The discipline that martial arts instills in you permeates throughout your life.

Another great benefit of martial arts training is improved self-discipline. A lot of times, we make some bad decisions in life because we lack discipline. Are you among those who get less than eight hours of sleep each night? Are you constantly making poor decisions when it comes to your diet and nutrition? Being healthy and fit requires loads of self-discipline, which is also one of the key factors of being mentally and physically tough.

Self-discipline ensures that we are constantly looking out for ourselves and our well-being. During martial arts training, everything that we do outside the gym directly affects our performance inside of it. In this sense, we are taught to make better decisions while also giving us improved self-discipline.

Along with enhanced physical well being of course comes an enhanced mental state. A healthy physical body produces a healthy mind and vice versa. Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand. With martial arts, we help keep the body, as well as the mind, in the best health possible.


4) Martial arts empowers you with the knowledge of self-defense

Perhaps the most important of all of martial arts’ key benefits is that it empowers people with the knowledge of self-defense. Martial arts will teach you how to defend yourself and the people around you from physical threats with the use of your own body. Acquiring the knowledge and ability to protect yourself is a basic human right that everyone should have access to.

You never know when tense situations may arise, that would require you to physically defend yourself and your loved ones from harm. In these instances, it is best to be well-equipped with the knowledge of martial arts, than to be helpless and defenseless. But this doesn’t mean you need to fight when it’s unnecessary.

Learn how to resolve conflict where all parties end up unharmed and out of danger. Recognize when to use force in situations deemed necessary, and when it is simply easier to walk away and avoid physical confrontation altogether. Martial arts will teach you every aspect of self-defense, from having the ability to stay calm and prevent a fight from happening at all, to knowing when to throw down.

By knowing how to physically defend yourself, you become mentally and physically tougher because you are confident in your ability to pacify and resolve physical confrontation.


So, if you want to level up your life and become tougher, both mentally and physically, martial arts is what you need. Start your journey by booking a complimentary trial class today!

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