Here’s How Martial Arts Enables You To Embrace Singlehood

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re pretty sure that those of you who are coping with a breakup or simply date-less are already dreading the sight of lovestruck couples, flowers and balloons – come February 14. Well, you’re not alone. Some of us at Evolve Daily are as single as can be, so we totally feel you. That’s why we have decided to hit the gym and power through intense training sessions. Because that’s way more fun than dealing with the expectations and anxiety that comes with going on dates.

It is unfortunate that we sometimes put the spotlight on relationships and make it a priority to find our forever person, or worry excessively about ending up sad and alone with 9 cats or dogs. The thing is, you don’t have to feel lonely just because you’re alone. If you’ve been struggling to embrace singlehood, then perhaps it’s time to sign up for that martial arts gym membership – because it will play a part in helping you to appreciate this precious period of solo time.

1) It’s all about you

Martial arts allows you to focus on yourself and reflect.

When you’re in a relationship, you might get caught up with your significant other and focus on the relationship instead of yourself. Hence, your goals end up taking a backseat. Most of the time, you also have to take your significant other into consideration before you book that solo trip to Europe or decide to dedicate 6 days of your week to training. However, this all changes when you’re single – because you get to focus on the most important person in your life: you.

If you just broke up and still can’t focus on yourself because you excessively think about your ex, then why not start training martial arts? Once you get into the swing of it, you would ultimately focus on becoming the best version of yourself – not just as a martial artist, but as a person.


2) You’ll realize that you’re stronger than you think

One of the greatest things about training martial arts is that it forces you out of your comfort zone from time to time. Hence, you will learn to thrive in uncomfortable settings and even start trying things that used to scare you.

What’s more, training will toughen you up not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. That means you will be able to handle your toughest days on your own, and all the self-pity will transform into self-confidence – because, at the end of the day, you’ve got your own life and fate in your own hands.


3) You’ll take better care of yourself


Martial arts is the perfect building block to start creating your healthy lifestyle around.

As much as we hate to admit it, we sometimes feel like we need a significant other to care for us, and to remind us that we’re beautiful, loved, or worth the time and effort. But here’s the thing: single or not, you are already all of those things and so much more.

The more you train, the more you’ll learn to embrace imperfection and treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve – from being patient with yourself during a bad training session to making healthy lifestyle choices daily. Over time, you’ll appreciate yourself for all that you are, and finally understand that you are enough.


4) You’ll have a deeper appreciation for everything else in life

If you let the past weigh you down, you’ll never be able to fully appreciate the present. And what better way is there to get your mind off stuff than to train? Apart from burning those calories, training will require your full attention and also teach you to be present – by tuning out all distractions, so you can truly focus on whatever’s in front of you.

It is only when you’re present in every moment that you can truly connect with your surroundings and appreciate the time you have with your family, friends, and yourself on a much deeper level.


At the end of the day, we believe that collecting BJJ stripes is way more rewarding than collecting Tinder matches. So why not put down your phone, and head to your nearest martial arts gym for an endorphin rush? We promise it’ll feel better than waiting for that cute guy/girl to text you back.

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