Here’s How Martial Arts Help You To Become A Better Public Speaker

Even just the mention of public speaking causes some people to cower in fear. Standing in front of a large crowd, talking into a microphone, and sharing your thoughts is certainly daunting for even the most seasoned public speakers. There’s just something about stage fright that gets to people.

Many of the issues we have with public speaking relate to confidence. Because we lack confidence, either in our subject matter or in our own ability to speak in front of a large crowd, we tend to freeze at the podium. Our voice starts to shake, and we begin second-guessing ourselves.

Martial arts training confronts these issues head-on, and as a result of our training, we indirectly become better public speakers.

A direct connection exists between confidence and martial arts training. Whether it’s showing us what we are truly capable of and so much more, allowing us to solve problems quicker and more efficiently, or helping us analyze situations and determine the best course of action, martial arts improve our spatial knowledge and skills like no other workout in the world.

If you’ve always wanted to become a better public speaker, maybe you should give martial arts a try. Today, Evolve Daily shares four ways martial arts help you become a better public speaker.

1) Give you more confidence in your abilities

One of the most important benefits you gain from martial arts training is increased confidence. Through regular training in martial arts, we become more aware of what we can and cannot do. We begin to shatter what we perceive as limits and achieve more than we thought we could.

More importantly, we fortify our confidence in our present abilities.

So whether you are an expert in technology, business, or anything similar, you will become more confident in your current knowledge and expertise as a direct result of martial arts training.


2) Improve your social intelligence


The friendships you make in the martial arts gym are priceless.

Through regular training in martial arts, you will also become more socially aware and how you fit within a certain group of people. Martial arts training has a direct effect on your social intelligence and teaches you how to work together in a team environment. Through constant social interaction, you become better accustomed to dealing with different personalities.

Throughout your martial arts training, you will face situations where you must work together to achieve common goals. Light sparring, technique training, and group classes are all situations in martial arts training that you will get used to.

If social awkwardness hinders you from becoming a better public speaker, martial arts training directly addresses this issue by having you work closely with your gym mates, which improves your social intelligence and, in turn, makes you more effective at the podium.


3) Help you understand every situation and your options

Although we tend to prepare premade speeches and bring notes to the podium before we address a large crowd, public speaking involves a lot of quick thinking on your feet. In these instances, it is always beneficial to have a better understanding of your self-space so that you can gauge each situation effectively and weigh your options.

Perhaps you are faced with a difficult question from an audience member or a situation that you hadn’t prepared for, but being able to keep your composure in such instances is invaluable.

Martial arts training forces us into situations where we must think quickly on our feet and make well-informed decisions. By constantly facing these situations in the ring or on the mat, our minds are trained to maintain composure even in the face of constant pressure.

Thus, we are able to calmly tackle the problems that lie before us with ease, making us better public speakers.


4) Give you a clearer mind


Muay Thai is a full-body workout that can burn up to 1,000 calories in one hour.

Finally, martial arts give us a cooler, calmer head and a clearer mind.

Martial arts training has much to do with being in the correct state of mind. Especially in combat, a clear mind is essential for victory at the highest level.

While at the podium in front of a large crowd, a million things run through our head. It’s important not to panic in these situations; instead, just take a deep breath and dial things down. Martial arts training helps us remain calm in pressure situations because we gain a better awareness of what goes on around us.

From simple breathing to meditation, martial arts incorporate more mental exercises than what can be seen on the surface. It isn’t just a physical exercise—martial arts represent a holistic full-body experience that brings the body, mind, and spirit in total sync.

By allowing us to remain calm in any situation, we become much better public speakers because of our training in martial arts.


So if you’re looking for a workout that does more than just get you in the best shape of you life, give martial arts a go!

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