Here’s How Martial Arts Helped This 29-Year-Old Man Unleash His Inner Warrior

It is impossible to overstate how impactful martial arts training can be in a person’s life. It can give you a level of confidence you never dreamed was possible, it can transform your physique beyond your wildest imagination, and it can give you the mental toughness to conquer life obstacles that once seemed impossible to overcome.

In other words, martial arts training helps you to unleash your inner warrior.

That certainly was the case for Benjamin Ow, who decided to give martial arts training a try after getting bored with mundane exercises like basketball and working out alone in the gym. Benjamin wanted more, and he found it in Muay Thai.

“Before martial arts, I only did casual running, basketball, and just went to the gym,” Benjamin explains. “I joined Evolve because I wanted to train martial arts. Actually, I just wanted to keep fit. And martial arts is the best way to keep fit because it’s not the mundane exercise that you do every day. Through martial arts, you learn many things – self-defense, it keeps you fit, and you get to make new friends.”

Benjamin hasn’t looked back since, and he’s quickly progressing through Muay Thai’s ranks. He likens the lessons he’s learned on the mat to the lessons life teaches you.

“Martial arts is just like a human’s life,” Benjamin says. “You will meet many obstacles that you have to go through, so you have to bite down and move on. It’s a life-long journey. You have to keep fighting to improve. So that would be the same for life.”

It’s virtually impossible to regularly train martial arts and not learn the importance of perseverance. That’s what turns white belts into black belts over time. Don’t expect to be able to pull off advanced techniques when you attend your first martial arts class. It doesn’t work like that. No one learns how to throw fancy spinning kicks and crippling low kicks on day 1.

You’re not going to be the most skilled martial artist in your first class, and, if you are, you should probably find somewhere else to train.

Like any other thing in life. You have to start with the basics, then slowly work your way up to the more advanced things. Some techniques will seem outright impossible to execute the first time you learn them, but with time, it will all be muscle memory for you.

During each training session, most instructors will stick to two or three techniques which you will then get to drill repeatedly with your training partners. The number of techniques you are able to execute will grow with each session, and before long, you will have an entire arsenal of techniques you can execute on command.

Becoming a skilled martial artist is actually quite easy. You simply need to persevere, and the techniques will come. Your training will also teach you values like respect, self-discipline, and solid work ethics. Values that will have an impact on your personal and professional life. Those around you will notice a difference as your self-confidence grows.

“He was great, to begin with, but with martial arts in his life, I have seen a good change,” Benjamin’s wife Alycia elaborates. “I feel more positive vibes. He’s more confident, more outspoken, and he always does his best at everything he does.”

Benjamin has fallen in love with martial arts.

Martial arts hasn’t just made Benjamin a better person, it has also transformed him physically.

“After training at Evolve, I’ve gotten more strength and more endurance,” Benjamin adds. “I used to be skinnier before and I didn’t use to have much strength, but now I feel I’m stronger and I have much more endurance.”

Benjamin is certainly not your average banker at this point. He’s grown so much as a martial artist that he decided to become a member of Evolve MMA’s Muay Thai competition team.

“I have achieved Muay Thai level 4 here at Evolve. I went through tryouts recently, and now I’m training with the Muay Thai competition team,” Benjamin proudly explains.

His rapid improvement did not go unnoticed by his instructors.

“Benjamin is constantly improving his Muay Thai technique and he’s shown a good attitude in training,” three-time Lumpinee Muay Thai World Champion and Evolve MMA instructor Orono Wor Petchpun says. “Because of his continuous improvement and fast understanding of the techniques, he was chosen to become a part of the Muay Thai competition team.”

Benjamin is enjoying training with the competition team as well as the camaraderie he gets to enjoy with his training partners.

“Training with the competition team is fun but tough at the same time because you get all the very skilled Muay Thai fighters in the competition team training,” Benjamin explains. “They are all very committed, and you usually see them every Sunday. We run together, spar together, and clinch together. It has definitely brought my skill up to another level.”

Benjamin isn’t the only member of the Ow family that is enjoying the benefits of martial arts training. His wife Alycia has also become a regular at Evolve MMA. They’ve trained together for over three years.

“My wife is also a student at Evolve. She trains Muay Thai and does Warrior Fit with me on weekdays and weekends. So this is a dating place for us, and this is how we spend our time on weekends,” Benjamin says. “It has definitely improved our relationship, we always have common topics to talk about. We discuss with one another which technique works and which technique doesn’t, and even advise one another.”

That’s another often understated benefit of training martial arts. It’s a great way to bond with family members, a good way to ensure you are spending adequate time with one another.

Everyone has a warrior inside them; the person you are when you reach your full potential. Muay Thai training has helped Benjamin and Alycia unleash theirs, and you can do the same. Come on down and sign up for a complimentary trial class to learn more about how training Muay Thai and other martial arts can change your life.

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