Here’s How Martial Arts Helps Children Overcome Stress and Anxiety

The mind of children is highly-absorbent. At an early age, many factors go into their personal and physical development. Whether it is influence from the school environment or at home, the transition from youth to young adulthood is a critical stage in a child’s development.

One of the biggest problems that plague children in their formative years is the inability to cope with stress and anxiety. We may not realize it, but children also have to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety in their lives. The myriad of pressures they have to deal with on a daily basis is undoubtedly affecting how they are brought up.

It is our job as parents and as guardians to steer them towards the right path. One way to make sure that children are brought up correctly is teaching them how to deal with stress and anxiety. This may be a daunting task, but thankfully, there are unique and creative ways for us to be able to help our children.

A children’s martial arts class, for example, is a great way for children to learn how to cope with stress. Martial arts offers many benefits to our lives, physical, mental, and spiritual. It has the ability to improve multiple aspects of our capacity as human beings.

By enrolling our children in martial arts class, we enable them to take the first step towards better dealing with stress. Today, Evolve Daily shares four ways martial arts helps children overcome stress and anxiety.

1) It clears the mind and teaches them to be calm

One of the unique lessons offered by martial arts is that of clearing the mind. In order to perform at our full capacity and absorb the techniques and philosophies that martial arts teaches, our mind must be void of the many things that clutter it.

Through meditation, martial arts helps children leave the stress and anxiety behind by helping them clear the mind and instead focus on what is occurring in the space around them. This means paying attention to small details such as proper breathing, or being aware of the physical body.

Since martial arts is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one, meditation plays a vital role in the journey of a martial artist. Mindfulness-based stress reduction is extremely effective in helping children, or any practitioner, cope with stress and manage anxiety levels.

Also, by doing something that they enjoy, children can leave the worries of their personal and student lives behind for an hour or more each day. This effectively recharges their energies to better tackle their problems when they leave the gym.


2) It helps them learn how to deal with pressure

Here’s how to help children unleash their greatness!

Designed by a Harvard University graduate and taught by World Champions, Evolve MMA’s Little Samurai Children’s Program helps children inherit discipline, develop focus, and understand the importance of respect to become the best version of themselves!

Posted by Evolve MMA on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

It’s not just adults that have to handle pressure, but also children as well. Children have to deal with enormous pressure on a daily basis, whether at home or at school. The pressure to perform and produce high marks in class can sometimes be overwhelming.

Just like any type of pressure, the best way to cope is knowing how to deal with it.

Martial arts gives children a safe and controlled environment to learn how to properly deal with pressure. In martial arts training, children will often be placed in situations where they have to use their skills to solve problems.

Disciplines such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, among others, often emphasize performance under duress by enhancing problem-solving skills. By dealing with pressure on the mats, children learn how to deal with pressure outside of the gym as well.

A clear and calm mind they gain through meditation, coupled with enhanced problem-solving skills, allows children to discover within themselves how to reduce the stress they feel by operating efficiently and maximizing their talents.


3) It gives them a fun outlet to relieve stress

How Martial Arts Help Children Unleash Their Greatness

Designed by a Harvard University graduate and taught by World Champions, Evolve MMA’s Little Samurai Children’s Program helps children build life skills to become the best version of themselves!

Posted by Evolve MMA on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Stress is a concern that often plagues adults, but we must not forget that it can affect children too. In fact, stress is a real problem for kids of today. They have to deal with so many things early in their lives, and we may not even realize it.

One of the best ways to deal with stress is by having fun. Among the most alluring aspects of martial arts training is how much fun it is to practice. Ask anyone who has trained in martial arts, and they will tell you just how much fun they have in the gym.

Going to boxing class or Muay Thai class, where children can interact with each other and build lasting friendships, is one of the greatest benefits of martial arts training. Furthermore, learning how to defend yourself is amazing as a fitness program.

Participating in something that you enjoy is one of the best stress relievers. Martial arts instills in children a positive attitude, gives them quality social interaction, builds strong relationships, and teaches them self-defense.


4) It improves their physical fitness

martial arts kids anxiety

Martial arts is a fun and healthy hobby for children.

Lethargy is one of the leading contributors to stress and anxiety, and being out of shape just adds to everyone’s misery, including children. With the advent of modern technology, today’s youth spend a lot of time indoors and rarely get the chance for quality physical activity.

If you often hear your children complain that they are always tired, it could be that they are lethargic. This is due to their energy levels being too low because of poor physical fitness. One way to combat chronic fatigue and lethargy is through physical activity.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of martial arts above all is its ability to get people in the best shape of their lives. In children, being in great physical condition early in their lives is very important.

Because martial arts is such a fun and engaging activity, physical fitness comes very easy and fast. In just a matter of weeks, a dramatic improvement in overall physical capacity can already be observed. By improving fitness, we reduce the stress and anxiety felt in our personal lives.


Thanks to martial arts, your children will be grateful for their time in the gym and will be happier individuals because of it.

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