Here’s How Muay Thai Brings Balance To This 19-Year-Old’s Life

Like most teenagers, Al Nissira Osman found herself being constantly bombarded with all sorts of new things like body image issues and an increasingly busy schedule. Fortunately for her, she found Muay Thai at the age of sixteen, and she couldn’t be happier with the results she has gotten since.

“I used to be very conscious of how I looked, the way my body looked,” Nissira explains. “But ever since I joined Evolve, I am more confident in the way I look. I don’t have many issues with my body image anymore. It has made me a very confident person. It has made me a happier person as well in that aspect. I’m very happy that I choose to start my journey here at Evolve.”

The results of Nissira’s training are not atypical. Others who start training martial arts like Muay Thai often experience the same results.

Confidence is one of those things that comes with learning martial arts. There are many reasons for this. For starters, the gradual progression that occurs from training gives students a confidence boost. Regardless of fitness levels, students typically have a hard time performing all the drills and techniques being taught. However, as the training progresses, these same drills eventually becomes second nature to the student. Mastering things that once seemed impossible reminds each student just how much they can accomplish when they stick to things.

Progressing through the ranks is not the only thing that leads to the increased confidence martial arts students experience. Their increased fitness also helps with this. A typical hour-long Muay Thai class can burn up to 1,000 calories. That is significantly more than the 600 calories burned per hour when running or the 300 calories used up when lifting weights. The fat-burning intense workout students get during Muay Thai classes combined with a healthy diet can turn anyone into a lean, ripped machine.

In addition, learning how to properly defend yourself also does wonders for a person’s self-esteem and confidence. It gives you peace of mind knowing you will not be completely helpless if you ever become the victim of an assault.

“I started doing martial arts since 2015,” Nissira adds. “It has been an interest of mine since I was young, but I didn’t have the courage to go out and try it out myself. One day, I just went to Evolve’s website, and I saw there was an opportunity for a free trial class. So I thought, why not, I’ll just try it.”

Training with a world-class gym like Evolve MMA is a must if you are serious about reaping all of the benefits of martial arts. A gym like Evolve MMA gives you access to World Champion instructors, world-class equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities. It also provides you with the right type of atmosphere that allows you to flourish as a martial artist.

“The people at Evolve are very friendly,” Nissira explains. “They make me feel welcome, and after three years with Evolve, they are like family to me. Evolve’s authenticity is special. All of our [Muay Thai] instructors are from Thailand, and they are all World Champions. And our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu professors are all World Champions and Brazilians. It’s not something you can find in every other gym.”

The positive atmosphere at Evolve MMA has allowed Nissira to constantly grow as a martial artist, and she has noticed how it has helped to balance her out as a person. She now finds herself more disciplined and focused on and off the mat.

“Martial arts has taught me to be very disciplined,” Nissira continues. “I’ve learned not to just neglect my studies and go for training. In fact, it made me learn about time management, how I have to separate training, how I have to prioritize studies when it’s the exam period.”

Nissira has been able to enjoy all these benefits despite the fact she never was big on athletic activities until she decided to give Muay Thai a shot.

“I didn’t exercise before I joined Evolve,” Nissira explains. “Of course, when I first joined, I experienced some difficulties. I couldn’t run, I couldn’t skip rope and all of that. But after joining, it has made a huge difference.”


Nissira kicks the heavy bag during a Muay Thai class at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

Nissira has grown so much as a martial artist, she’s now a part of Evolve MMA’s competition team. She currently sports a 2-0 record.

“I’m level 3 in Muay Thai and level 2 in boxing,” Nissira says about her progression. “I have tried out for both the Muay Thai and boxing competition teams. Now, I’m in both the Muay Thai and boxing competition teams. Ever since joining the Muay Thai competition team, I’ve competed twice and my record is 2-0. The people in the competition team push me to train a lot harder. The thought of training with my competition team teammates, it makes me happy because they make training really fun. Martial arts gave me confidence, friendships, and joy.”

Getting to meet new people who share your desire to learn martial arts is one of the benefits of training. Lifelong friendships are often formed in the gym, and your training partners will serve as a support system that is always there to motivate and push you.

The benefits of martial arts training are endless. It’s the one hobby you can pick up that will make you a better version of yourself.

“To anyone out there who is thinking about joining Evolve or trying out martial arts, I want to say, don’t be afraid to try just because you think you are unfit or you are coming alone, because the people in the gym are very helpful.”


So what are you waiting for? If you want to get in shape and gain confidence like Nissira, schedule a complimentary introductory class with Evolve MMA today!

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