Here’s How Muay Thai Changed The Lives Of These Entrepreneur Brothers

It takes a certain kind of bravery to be an entrepreneur. To start something that did not exist before and to be willing to absorb the risks that come with charting new paths. Kelvin and Melvin Ng are brothers who do precisely that. Together, they run a tutorial center that prides itself on the success of its students. It takes a lot to maintain high standards year after year, but Kelvin and Melvin Ng are dedicated. They push themselves, right out of their comfort zones and into continued success.

And then Muay Thai came along and helped the brothers take it to the next level.


Kelvin, Melvin, And Muay Thai

At 43, Kelvin is the older of the pair. He had struggled to maintain his desired weight. This is not hard to believe, because running a business is a full-time job with long hours. A packed schedule often leaves little time for an effective workout. Still, Kelvin pushed through and made time for exercise. He tried many things. At one point, Kelvin took up jogging. Later on, he took the extra step of hiring a personal trainer. Still, he did not get the changes he was looking for, he continued to gain weight.

For a while, Melvin, who is Kelvin’s younger brother, was in a similar situation, then he took up Muay Thai and soon became a whole lot fitter. His big brother took notice and asked him to share his fitness secret. It is how 41-year-old Melvin introduced his brother to Muay Thai.

“I used to go jogging, I used to even hire personal trainers thinking that they will help me. Truth be told, I was still gaining weight. When I saw what happened to Melvin, I realized that I must have been doing something wrong. I cross-referenced with him, and then he brought me to Evolve, I’ve never looked back ever since,” said Kelvin.


Muay Thai Is About Results

Muay Thai Kinex

Kelvin couldn’t find a workout that would work for him, until he found Muay Thai.

With Muay Thai, there are no half measures. The very act of training forces you to give 100 percent of your mind and body. As each brother would tell you, your first training session will leave you winded. It will also leave you wanting more. Muay Thai punctuates the end of each session with a longing for more. The desire to learn and master new techniques will get you to the gym for every single session. Your passion will continue to grow as you start sparring, as you use your newly mastered moves on your training partners.

Your attention will be completely captured by your training. So much so that you will barely notice as you achieve your fitness goals in record time. The best aspect of Muay Thai is the continuous learning and self-improvement. It will keep you training long after you reach your fitness goals. You will be all about raising your skill level with each training session. After a while, you may even want to compete in Muay Thai tournaments.


Muay Thai Teaches Skills That Translate Into The Real World

Friendships made in the Muay Thai gym last a lifetime.

The benefits of Muay Thai travel far beyond the gym floor. Kelvin and Melvin reached their fitness goals and learned to defend themselves at the same time. Self-defense is a useful skill that everybody should learn.

Being entrepreneurs, the brothers already have their fair share of courage and perseverance. Still, Muay Thai training reinforced these admirable traits. This martial art taught Kelvin and Melvin to push themselves further than they thought was possible, and the results were terrific. Both Kelvin and Melvin attained skill levels that exceeded their individual expectations. The positive reinforcement from their success gave them the confidence to leave their comfort zone in regards to business. They started a food and beverage business while running their education business.

“After a few years of learning martial arts, moving out of our comfort zone, we realized that, “Hey, why don’t we move further out of our comfort zone,” and we went into the F&B business,” said Melvin.


Muay Thai Makes You Fearless

Muay Thai Training KINEX

Muay Thai has helped Melvin in his personal and professional life.

Muay Thai is the perfect antidote for fear. After training Muay Thai for a while, you learn that although some challenges may be scary at first, if you continue to turn up and chip away at them every day, they can be conquered. Muay Thai can help you face fears, doubts, and insecurities you have and help you to power through them.

This fearlessness goes with you into the real world. For Kelvin and Melvin Ng, this new level of courage replaced the fear of failure. This gave them the courage to start a business that was very different from the one they already owned.


Training Is Relaxing

Muay Thai Kick KINEX

Melvin kicking the heavy bag at Evolve MMA (KINEX) in Singapore.

The brothers also found that Muay Thai was a great way to relax. Muay Thai requires you to focus all your attention on whatever techniques you are learning. This all-consuming form of concentration has a meditative quality. It clears the mind of all distractions and negativity, leaving nothing but the training to occupy you. The end result is that you become centered and calm. Add to that the dopamine that your body releases after an intense workout, and you will leave the gym in a great mood.


The Brothers Gained Skills That Build Relationships

Kinex Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai has given Kelvin the courage to take risks in his professional life.

For starters, Muay Thai gets you into a headspace that leaves you more centered and in tune with other people. This allows you to connect better with the people around you. When your mind is calm and focused, you are able to form new relationships and improve existing ones. For Kelvin and Melvin, Muay Thai was a chance to bond over something other than work.

The martial arts training also gave the brothers the perspective they needed to create a work-life balance.


The Community At Evolve MMA

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Muay Thai allows you to create new friendships. Soon, the friendships evolve into family ties. That is the beauty of taking up a martial art with a group of dedicated and like-minded people. Kelvin has practiced Muay Thai for four years now. Melvin has been at it for six years. Over the years, the brothers got to learn from Muay Thai World Champions and got to spar with teammates who compete in tournaments.

The dedication of their team members drives the brothers to keep perfecting their skills. At Evolve MMA, Kelvin and Melvin Ng learned that their weight loss goals were just one stop on the Muay Thai journey. They discovered that with Muay Thai, the journey and the continuous self-improvement are what it’s all about.

“To all the instructor at Evolve and to all the family members at Evolve, thank you for making the place such a wonderful home to be able to train at,” said Melvin.


So if you’re looking for an activity that will get you into the best shape of your life and help you become the best version of yourself, give martial arts a go and discover first hand how it can enhance your life!

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