Here’s How One-On-One Training Sessions Can Take Your Game To The Next Level

Perhaps you’ve been training martial arts for a while now and are wondering what else you can do to improve your game. You’ve added more classes to your roster and have stayed back after class, drilling with your teammates to go over your mistakes and the techniques you want to work on. But deep inside, you still feel that something else is lacking, that you need just one more thing to take your game to the next level. Have you considered taking a private, one-on-one class?

Think about it: when you were a student and wanted to get better at a certain subject, you or your parents would get you a tutor to help you, right? It works the same way in martial arts. At Evolve MMA you can invest in private lessons. In these sessions, you can iron out your mistakes, improve your techniques, and more.

If you’re a serious competitor, one-on-one training sessions could help you gain a better understanding of the technical aspects of the martial art of your choice. If you’re a beginner, you could benefit from one-on-one classes too. If you feel overwhelmed or confused in a typical class setting, you can ease yourself into it with one-on-one instruction.

Sounds interesting? Today, we share the benefits of how one-on-one training sessions can take your game to the next level:

1) It Can Help You Fix Your Mistakes  

You know how you keep on getting swept whenever you stand up in someone’s closed guard? Or how you forget to put your hands up when you’re doing boxing or Muay Thai? Training one-on-one with an instructor can help you iron out all those little mistakes you keep on making in class. You’ll also learn how to avoid these mistakes in the future by understanding what’s causing them. In a regular class setting, your instructor may not have the time to help you out and point out what you’re doing wrong. With a private session, you’re guaranteed to get everything sorted out without having to interrupt anyone’s precious class time.


2) You’ll Get Your Instructor’s Undivided Attention

ONE Superstar Amir Khan received the fighter name “Golden Boy” after winning a Muay Thai title in Phuket’s Bangla Stadium.

Nobody wants to be the guy who hogs the instructor’s attention because he has a million and one questions about certain techniques. It isn’t fair to anyone in class and also eats up time that could be spent on sparring or doing more drills. A one-on-one training session lets you have your instructor all to yourself which means you can ask him all the questions you need. Whether it’s about the mistakes you’re making in class, what you need to work on, or the cool techniques you’d like to get right or learn, it’s your time to get what YOU need without having to feel guilty about wasting everyone else’s time. Private 1-on-1 lessons accelerate your progress up to 400% more quickly as compared to the rate of progress in normal group classes. Besides, it’s also a great way to sneak some new techniques that nobody knows about in! 


3) It’ll Get You Where You Want To Be – Faster!

With your instructor’s full attention and all the answers to your questions at your convenience, there’s no doubt that you’ll reach the martial arts goals you’ve always wanted to achieve – faster. With one-on-one lessons, you’ll get access to the wealth of knowledge that nobody else, except other World Champions, has. You’ll be able to plug all the holes in your game, understand and learn the techniques to put you two steps ahead of your competition and give you the edge you need to become a better, more well-rounded martial artist.


4) You’ll Get A Thorough Analysis Of Your Game

Through rolling or sparring with you, your instructor can tell you your strengths and your weaknesses. This will help you thoroughly understand your game – you’ll discover the tiniest details that could make or break your game! Doing so will help you improve much faster as compared to drilling on your own or with your teammates who do not have the experience or knowledge a World Champion has. Your instructor will also teach you the techniques that suit your game and your physique which you can work on together and hone to perfection.  


5) You’ll Get All The Help You Need


Private 1-on-1 lessons accelerate your progress up to 400% more quickly as compared to the rate of progress in normal group classes.

If you’re a beginner, learning martial arts could feel extremely overwhelming. After all, when you’re not used to it, having to learn new techniques and work on your coordination, timing, flexibility, and conditioning at the same time might seem a bit much. With one-on-one training, your instructor can break down a technique for you in a way that works best for you. This way, when you attend a regular class, you’ll be well prepared for what lies ahead.


How To Make It Work:

Actually Use The Techniques You’ve Learned In Class

You can attend all the private classes and seminars that you like but the reality is that if you don’t practice what you’ve learned, it will all go to waste. Make sure to write down all the techniques that were covered in your training journal. If not, try to drill the techniques them with a partner or with your instructor. Make what you’ve learned functional!

Have A Plan  

When you decide to sign up for one-on-one training sessions, ensure that you have a goal in mind. Do you want to work on a certain guard? Do you want to become a competitor? Do you want to land more chokes or work on leg locks? Do you need to polish your basics? By having a plan in mind, it’ll show your instructor that you are serious about your goals and that you want to truly improve as a martial artist.

Want to see a change in your game? Sign up for one-on-one training sessions today!

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