Here’s How To Get Back In Shape After The Holiday Season Binge

Eating and drinking too much is almost inevitable during the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep the extra layers of fat you added to your waistline. Here are some helpful tips that will help you recover from the holidays and burn off that excess weight:

1) Sign up for martial arts classes


You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a one-hour Muay Thai class.

Martial arts classes are a fun way to get back in shape. Students can burn up to 1,000 calories for every hour spent on the mat, and that goes a long way to getting rid of the extra kilograms you put on.

Martial arts classes are a group activity. You get to meet new people to train with, which makes it easier to stick to your goals. Your training partners will serve as a support system to cheer you on and make training more interesting.

Just make sure you find a world-class gym that has many high-level instructors and promotes a family-friendly atmosphere. Martial arts classes won’t just help you lose weight. You will also learn many vital skills, such as how to defend yourself when necessary.


2) Don’t feel guilty

Regardless of how disciplined you normally are with your diet, do not feel guilty if your commitment wavers during the holiday season. It is a time you spend with your loved ones, and eating together is an important part of social interactions.

There is no need to feel sad or guilty about not being able to stick to your diet during the holidays. Instead, savor the times spent enjoying your favorite foods.

People who feel guilty after enjoying treats often have a harder time maintaining their weight than those who view it as it is: a time to relax and enjoy something they love.


3) Don’t worry about any weight gain


Martial arts develops focus.

Feasting during the holiday season doesn’t just add a few kilograms of fat to your tummy. It also increases water retention, which makes you heavier. Try not to spend too much time focusing on your weight after the holidays. A major portion of the weight is simply water, while the extra layers of fat will vanish once you get back to your regular diet. Try to keep the right perspective.


4) Get rid of leftovers

You are more likely to have a hard time getting away from your holiday eating habits if you have leftovers calling your name every time you open the fridge. Merely seeing some of your favorite treats is enough to trigger cravings even if you aren’t hungry.

Quickly finish all remaining table scraps and give them away or throw them into the trash. Just make sure you get rid of the temptation to indulge.


5) Drink lots of water

BJJ World Champion Alex Silva from the Evolve Fight Team takes a quick water break.

What most people love to consume during the holidays often leaves them feeling dehydrated, such as the salty snacks, sugary drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Fortunately, you can quickly rehydrate yourself by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Water doesn’t just rehydrate you. It also makes things easier for your digestive system.

Diuretics, such as lemon and green tea, can be used to clean your system after a binge. These beverages force blood to go through your kidneys faster, which means any impurities in your system are filtered out more quickly.


6) Burn off the excess fat

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to burn off excess fat and get back in shape. Find an intense activity, such as martial arts classes, that can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. Incorporate that into your fitness routine and you will be back to your regular weight in no time.

Not being active after a holiday season binge means the newly added fat stays around for much longer.

Come up with a detailed fitness plan and make it your New Year’s resolution.


There is absolutely no reason to feel bad about overeating during the holidays. These are special moments that we should all cherish. Just make sure you don’t use your binge as an excuse to forget about your fitness goals. Determine how much your splurge period has moved you away from your goals, and make the necessary adjustments to your fitness routine.

If you follow the tips above, it’s only a matter of time until you’re as lean as you have ever been. To help you get started, sign up for a martial arts class!

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