Here’s How To Keep Children Safe In School

Nowadays, bullying is one of the top issues children deal with all over the world, and Singapore is not an exception. Matter of fact, Singapore is currently ranked third in the world for its high rate of bullying in schools. The only countries in the world with higher rates of bullying are New Zealand and Latvia.

While it might be concerning bullying is even more of an issue in Singapore, the reality is: it is one of those things that will always be an issue regardless of where you decide to raise your family.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to bully-proof your children. A martial arts class is one of those things that will give your children all the tools they need to not be the victims of bullies at school.

Let’s take a look at specific ways training martial arts will keep your children safe in school:

1) Improved self-defense skills

One of the most important skills children and adults can gain from attending martial arts classes is the ability to defend yourself. Your kids will learn time-tested techniques that will drastically reduce the odds of them getting seriously hurt if the worst case scenario happens and a bully attacks.

Martial arts will also teach your children the importance of de-escalating confrontations rather than escalating them. Physically defending yourself only being used as a last resort is a universal bond that all martial arts share.

These self-defense skills will stay with your kids throughout their lives. Hopefully, they will never have to use these skills, but you will feel a lot better knowing they have the tools they need to defend themselves and prevent themselves from being victimized if necessary.


2) Improved self-confidence

One of the many benefits of signing your children up for martial arts classes is the self-confidence that comes with it. During classes, your children will gradually grow as martial artists. Seeing themselves constantly learning techniques they didn’t think they would be able to perform a few months ago helps build their self-esteem.

They will also be awarded belts to mark their progression, which gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Children who lack confidence are more likely to be targeted by bullies, and even bullies themselves tend to be people with low self-esteem who need to pick on others in order to feel good about themselves. Regardless of how the effects of low confidence affect your child, if left unchecked, these toxic feelings can last a lifetime.

By attending martial arts classes, children gain one of the most important attributes a person can have.


3) Improved social skills

There are many reasons why a child might have poor social skills. Some kids are natural introverts, while others just haven’t had enough opportunities to interact with their peers. Not feeling comfortable in social settings can lead to a lack of confidence. That makes them hesitant to interact with their peers, making the problem worse.

A socially awkward child is more likely to be victimized by bullies for many reasons:

  • The child doesn’t have friends to back him/her up
  • The bully can sense the child won’t fight back due to his/her low self-esteem
  • The child might feel his/her teachers will side with the more popular bully
  • The child is an outcast making him/her stick out

When your children attend martial arts classes, they get an additional opportunity outside of school to interact with kids from many different backgrounds. That’s a wider range of kids they get to interact with compared to school where they typically only socialize with people in the same class.

If your child is being home-schooled, such opportunities for additional social interactions become even more important.

Your kids don’t just get to have fun and train with their peers during martial arts classes; they will also learn important life skills like working with a team.


4) Improved decision-making skills

A big part of martial arts is reacting and countering your training partner’s movement. Every session on the mat is unique in its own way, so your children are always trying to figure out the best way to deal with each scenario when they train. That improves their problem-solving skills, which will also help them when learning subjects where critical thinking skills are crucial like mathematics and physics.

Improved problems solving skills won’t just help your children at school. It’s something that will continue being an asset when they grow older and enter the workforce.


5) Learning to respect others

kids bjj class

The values that kids will learn in a martial arts gym are priceless.

Being respectful is one of the most admirable traits a child could have. A respectful child has an easier time getting along with others, is less-likely to be a disruption in class while instructors are teaching, and that child is also less likely to go around bullying others.

Respect is also one of those mandatory requirements to train martial arts. It is a big part of any martial arts circle. Students must be respectful towards their instructor and each other during classes. Martial arts classes will also teach your children the importance of showing the same level of respect they show in the martial arts gym at school and during other activities.

That’s something your children’s teachers and classmates will appreciate. That will also translate into your children being more attentive in class. Martial arts classes aren’t just about learning cool techniques, it’s also about giving your children all the tools they need to become great human beings.


While the current bullying epidemic in Singapore is cause for concern, martial arts classes are an easy and reliable way to bully-proof your children. They will learn all the skills they need to have positive social interactions with their peers, and, if there’s ever a need for them to defend themselves against a bully, they’ll be more than ready to deal with such a confrontation.

You certainly don’t want your children to be at the mercy of some bully. If your child is already getting picked on by bullies, it’s never too late for them to learn how to keep bullies at bay.

Don’t let your children become statistics. Make them bully-proof by signing them up for martial arts classes. Sign up for a complimentary trial class today!

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