Here’s How One Man Lost 40 Kilos

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

– Walt Disney

Often times, we find ourselves wanting to change. And whatever the reason may be for this desire, we know that noticing the need to change is always easy, but taking action is where it gets hard.

But for change to finally take place, we must make the decision to change a reality no matter the cost. Without commitment, we cannot achieve our goals in life. This was the case for 32-year old Evolve MMA student David Samuel Ty; he changed his life for the better with the power of martial arts.

“Evolve and martial arts changed my life,” said David. “Before, I was over a hundred kilos, but then I made the decision to start losing the weight before I turned 30.”

David had always been interested to start training in boxing. When he arrived in Singapore, he decided to try out the boxing and Muay Thai classes at Evolve MMA because of its high-end facilities and World Champion caliber instructors.


David weighed over 100 kilos back in 2011 (left). Today, he weighs just 70 kilos.

Since then, David has lost almost 40 kilograms and currently weighs 70kg. However, he has not stopped setting goals for himself and seeks to continue improving himself in both his level of fitness and martial arts.

“My goals now are to get a level 3 certification in Muay Thai and to attend more Warriorfit classes,” explained David.

David has truly become a role model for us all and he has some words of advice and encouragement for all who are looking to find change and better themselves. “For those who were in the same situation as me, my advice would be to not pressure yourselves too much and take it slow.”


David with his friends and Instructors from Evolve MMA after a Muay Thai sparring class.

The Evolve Family would like to extend David our sincere congratulations on his well-deserved Student of the Month honors. He is an inspiration to us all and we believe he has what it takes to become successful in martial arts and in life. We look forward to seeing him continue to strive for excellence in his martial arts journey here at Evolve MMA.

Here’s what David’s instructors have to say about him:

“When David just started here at Evolve, he was very fat. But after training so much in Muay Thai and boxing he has become very fit and handsome. He is a good example to everyone.”

Muay Thai Instructor, Muay Thai Champion Chaowalith Jockey Gym

“David is a very hardworking student. He trains very intensively during classes. I am very happy for David and for what he has achieved.”

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