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Do you find yourself forgetting the techniques you learned in your last class? Do you feel like you aren’t getting ahead, and that you’re stuck in a plateau?

The easiest way to solve these problems is through taking notes after class. It may sound a tad tedious at first, but by creating an organized system of notes for yourself, you’ll find that it will get easier to progress in your martial arts journey.



Still not convinced? Evolve Daily shares 4 Reasons Why You Should Start Taking Notes For Your Martial Arts Classes:


1) Because we aren’t all born with photographic memories.


Let’s face it; most of us aren’t blessed with a photographic memory. Chances are, we’ll probably forget all the techniques that we learned in class by the next lesson. As martial artists, we know that throughout our journey, we’ll always be exposed to new techniques, if not modifications of techniques that we already know.

By taking notes, we can keep track of what we’ve learned and apply it in our next training session. After all, isn’t that what learning is all about?


2) Because you need to see how far you’ve progressed.


There are times in our martial arts journeys, where we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. We feel like we’re doing poorly during sparring or feel confused because we can’t get any new techniques down.

Looking back at your notes could give you that extra boost of self-esteem that you might need. You can look back at how far you’ve come in your martial arts journey and give yourself that much-needed pat on the back.



3) Because it helps you learn better.


Studies show that note taking actually helps in recall of information. Specifically, it indicates that reviewing notes increases chances of performing better. Thus, you have a significant chance of showing improvement if you’ve taken notes and reviewed them, as opposed to not doing them at all.

Remember, you should always give yourself an edge whenever you can. If taking notes makes the difference, then do it. What else do you have to lose?


4) Because it makes you a better martial artist.


Taking notes not only reflects our commitment to continuous self-improvement. By writing down what we’ve learned, we can work on improving our existing knowledge or even enhancing it with new techniques.

This not only makes us better martial artists but makes us more well-rounded too. We should always strive to be the very best we can be, in all aspects of our life.


Our martial arts journey is a constant work in progress, determined by dedication and hard work. By supplementing it with note taking, who knows how far you can go? Start taking notes today!

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