Here’s What You Should Really Be Doing On A Friday Night

Friday nights are a gift. After a week of hard work at school or at the office, everyone looks forward to winding down and having a good time, and Friday nights give us those precious few hours to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

People love to go out, have a good time with friends, and explore the latest digs out in the city. Usually, there is a lot of eating and drinking involved, and while it can definitely be a lot of fun, it should be something done in moderation. Seriously, you can’t party every Friday like it was your last.

What is a better use of your time, you ask? While hitting the martial arts gym may be the furthest thing on your mind when Fridays hit, there are a number of reasons why it’s probably the best decision you’ll ever make.

Health and wellness over junk food and beer, crazy right? Today, Evolve Daily shares why it’s not completely out of this world to be training in martial arts on a Friday night.

1) Friday nights can sabotage your health and fitness

If you have already made the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle, then this should come as no surprise. Friday nights spent in the wrong way can sabotage any progress you have been making with your health and fitness.

While it’s important to reward yourself with your favorite foods and to have fun nights out with your friends, you must always be responsible for your actions. Partying on a Friday night puts you in a position where you are susceptible to making poor decisions.

And if you’re just starting to take control of your health and fitness, you want to stay as far away as possible from bad Friday nights. Luckily for us, training in martial arts can be just as epic. In addition, as soon as you walk through those gym doors, you’ll be met with like-minded people who have decided to spend their Friday night in the gym too.


2) You won’t be hungover the next day

After an epic night of partying, only one thing is certain, you’re going to feel absolutely out of it the next morning. It’s pretty clear that whatever you had the night before, is the cause of that throbbing headache the morning after that leaves you lazy, unmotivated, and an unwilling participant for the rest of the day.

Unlike drinking and partying, however, martial arts training on a Friday night gives you the absolute best feeling that lasts even days beyond.

Instead of knocking back those beers, hit the pads and work on your Muay Thai technique. Unleash those blistering boxing combinations. Hit the mats for some rolling and enhance your technical knowledge of BJJ. Hitting the martial arts gym on a Friday night is the perfect activity to cap off a tough week. It will leave you with more energy, and you’re guaranteed to feel awesome.


3) Being at the gym is a different kind of fun

Muay Thai Martial Arts Gym

Spending Friday nights at the martial arts gym is something you won’t regret.

You at the gym on a Friday night, who would have thought? Although there is no shortage of fun activities to do on a Friday night, there is a different kind of enjoyment to be had in the martial arts gym which you will soon discover.

Meet your gym buddies, the same guys and girls who want to share your martial arts journey with you, at the gym ready to have fun. If you think going to the gym is boring, you’ll quickly learn that martial arts is probably the most enjoyable activity you have ever done on a Friday night.

As fun is what keeps you coming back for more, there is no doubt you’ll be able to stick to your workout program much easier because you’re having the time of your life. Ultimately, fun is what makes workouts effective.


4) It will leave you feeling awesome for the rest of the week

The best thing about martial arts training on a Friday night is that you get to reap benefits far beyond what a single evening can offer. Furthermore, the amount of work you put in sets the tone for an amazing weekend and for an even more awesome week to come.

Everyone knows physical exercise leaves you feeling incredible with immediate effect. It gives you a jolt of pure energy and enthusiasm that undoubtedly influences how you approach everything you do after. Instead of leaving you feeling down and unmotivated like many Friday nights can, martial arts training does exactly the opposite. It fills you with positive vibes and makes you feel like you can achieve anything.

And this is exactly the kind of feeling you should be having. When every aspect of your life is enhanced, from the quality of your sleep to your productivity throughout the day, you know you’ve stumbled upon a turning point.


So if you’re left without a date on Friday night, the best thing to do with your time is head straight for the martial arts gym. There you will find lots of people in the same boat as you, ready for a fun-filled evening of training. It will not only give you something enjoyable to do on the most-anticipated evening of the week, but it will also leave you feeling energized and motivated in the days to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step to spice up your Friday nights and sign up for a trial class today!

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