Here’s Why Everyone Needs To Learn Self-Defense

The ability to defend yourself is one of the most important skills a person should have. Sure, you probably have no plans to ever get into a fist fight with a stranger or an acquaintance, but such physical confrontations aren’t always something you can control.

The reality is, the world is a huge place, and not everyone shares your values. While you might think it’s never proper to use violence to solve disputes, those you interact with might have a different set of values.

The important question you should ask yourself is: What if you unexpectedly find yourself in a physical confrontation someday? Will you be able to successfully defend yourself and stay safe?

Obviously, if someone ever tries to harm you or your loved ones, you want to be able to thwart the attack.

Anyone can learn how to properly defend themselves in many different scenarios. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are. It’s a matter of understanding what techniques are the most effective way to deal with the threat you’re facing.

The best way to learn practical self-defense skills is by signing up for a martial arts class. When you understand why certain techniques work, it allows you to improvise when you find yourself in a combat scenario that you’ve never been before.


Why martial arts classes are the best way to learn self-defense

Regularly training martial arts does more than just teach you cool techniques you can use to defend yourself if the need ever arises. Learning a martial art also gives you a few other benefits that are crucial to being able to defend yourself during a confrontation. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

1) Improved confidence

Martial arts training is known to give students a huge confidence boost. That’s because martial arts instruction forces you to leave your comfort zone and try things you don’t normally do. The result, you realize you are capable of a lot more than you usually give yourself credit for as you begin to master techniques and drills that once seemed impossible to you.

This improved confidence by itself makes you less likely to be a victim of an attack. It’s no secret, victimizers usually opt for the path of least resistance. That’s why an old lady is more likely to get her bag snatched than some 250-pound guy with bulging muscles.


2) Improved problem-solving skills


BJJ helps to develop problem-solving skills.

Another important benefit that comes with martial arts training is improved problem-solving skills. Martial arts isn’t just about learning the techniques associated with a particular style, it’s also about knowing when to execute each move and thinking ahead of your opponent.

Sparring, in particular, improves your ability to analyze things, especially when you’re under pressure since you’re forced to try your techniques on an opponent who is also trying to defeat you. You’ll win some sparring sessions, and you’ll lose some, but the experience you gain from each session is priceless. If you do end up finding yourself in a physical confrontation, you will be better able to control your emotions and bring the situation under control.


3) Improved physical fitness

Improved physical fitness is another important benefit that comes with martial arts training. Sure, it takes a lot more than being in shape to defend yourself, but the truth is it’s also a factor. When two equally-skilled opponents face off, having the physical edge does help.

Martial arts classes will have you in top physical condition. Styles like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai burn upwards of 1,000 calories per every hour spent training, and you get an intense full-body workout. A few months of martial arts training, and you’ll be in the best physical condition that you’ve ever been. That will also serve as a deterrent for potential attackers since you will naturally project strength and tenacity wherever you go.


4) Improved social skills

One of the most underrated benefits of martial arts training is the many cool people you get to interact with when you train. This helps you to improve your social skills which can come in handy when you are trying to diffuse a situation. Many martial arts programs also teach de-escalation techniques that you can use to talk your way out of potential confrontations.

The combination of all these skills you pick up when training martial arts, plus the techniques you learn are more than enough to help you keep attackers at bay.

It was enough to help a 36-year-old jogger Kelly Herron who had just completed four miles out of a planned 10-mile run. Kelly was using a public bathroom when she was attacked from behind by a registered sex offender. Fortunately for her, she had taken martial arts classes before, and her fight instinct immediately kicked.

“All I kept screaming during the attack was, ‘Not today, motherf***er.’ I was screaming it like an animal. It was the most vicious savage part of my being,” Kelly said during an interview with Inside Edition, per Huffington Post. “There was no way I was going to let this guy rape me.”

Kelly used her training to break his grip, then she created room for her escape with some strikes. Once she was free, she kept her attacker trapped inside the bathroom until authorities arrived.

Kelly’s ordeal isn’t atypical of self-defense scenarios. These types of attacks tend to occur when you’re least expecting them. That’s why it’s extremely important that you do whatever you can to ensure you are able to successfully defend yourself if you’re ever attacked. You want the techniques you learn to become part of your muscle memory so that your body just automatically executes them when the opportunity arises.


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