Here’s Why Joining A Muay Thai Gym Should Be Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is right around the corner, and 2020 promises to deliver life’s best. Every year, people write up a list of resolutions, promises to make themselves, and goals to reach. Everything from losing weight, to making more money, to traveling the world — these are all the things we wish for ourselves in the next 12 months.

Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition that everyone in the world enjoys. This year, it’s time to add a new item to your list — join a Muay Thai gym.

Muay Thai is one of the fastest rising sports in the world, and Singapore is no exception. It’s intense, fun, and extremely engaging.

Furthermore, a Muay Thai gym fosters strong, lasting relationships between gym mates. You’ll make new friends along your journey of reaching your full potential.

If you have your 2020 New Year’s resolutions down pat, there’s room for another one. We’ve come up with a few reasons why you need to include Muay Thai on your list.

Today, Evolve Daily shares four reasons why joining a Muay Thai gym should be among your top 2020 New Year’s resolutions.


1) Get the body you’ve always dreamed of

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The top reason to join a Muay Thai gym in 2020? It’s simple, 2020 is the year you finally lose weight and get fit, and Muay Thai training can help you get to where you want to go.

A Muay Thai class is one of the best workouts you can do to get fit and healthy. It burns copious amounts of calories and easily melts away fat. A single one-hour session alone can burn up to 1,000 calories. At that rate, you’ll safely lose at least a pound a month if you do the math.

healthy diet nong-o

Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadao is a supremely conditioned athlete.

Everyone wants to lean out and get ripped. A Muay Thai class will get you there faster than any other workout. It’s a total body workout that utilizes all the major muscle groups, improves your cardiovascular endurance, and increases your strength. You’ll get your dream body in no time.

It’s great to start early too, so invest in yourself this January. Sign up to a Muay Thai class and learn the “Art of Eight Limbs.” You’ll be kicking your way to great fitness in no time.


2) Learn a new skill

Muay thai class sky

Muay Thai teaches you to set goals and stick to them.

Muay Thai isn’t just for weight loss and building muscle, though. It’s also primarily a martial art for self-defense, especially in real-world scenarios. Everyone has the right to access self-defense skills, and Muay Thai is a great place to start.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to learn how to defend yourself, Muay Thai is a perfect place to start. It’s one of the most effective martial arts there is and will teach you how to use all of your body’s weapons to defend yourself.

lunctime muay thai class

Muay Thai is one of the most powerful and effective martial arts in the world.

Learning a new skill is vital to our personal development, because as humans, learning should never stop. Strive to add new knowledge and skills every year, to improve yourself as a person.

One of the many mantras martial artists live by is daily self-improvement. Learning Muay Thai is a step in the right direction and will definitely improve your life in more ways than one.

Learn a new skill this 2020, start with a Muay Thai class.


3) Discover your passion

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Rather quickly, you’ll be engulfed in everything Muay Thai. It’s addicting and fun, you’ll be hooked instantly.

Many people become passionate about Muay Thai, and martial arts in general, the moment they begin training. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. As soon as you step onto the canvas and learn how to throw your first punch and your first kick, you’ll immediately discover why people love training in this particular martial arts discipline.

It is physically intense and will leave you exhausted, but you’ll be a better person because of it. You’ll discover your limits and realize that they aren’t really limits after all. You’ll understand what you are capable of. Best of all, you’ll have a stronger mind.

Muay Thai is an extremely fun sport to take up. If there’s one New Year’s resolution you have to make good on, make it a point to begin training in Muay Thai.


4) Become an athlete


Karate World Champion Hiroki Akimoto training Muay Thai at Evolve MMA in Singapore.

Everyone wants the supremely conditioned body of an athlete. It’s what we all crave. To have that lean, low-fat, slender physique — it’s what we crave.

Becoming an athlete, however, goes beyond just looking and feeling good in front of a mirror. It means your body is primed to reach your full physical potential. Athletes subject themselves to rigorous training year-round, and that’s how they are able to stay in such great shape.

But the secret to maintaining this level of dedication and focus to training is because of how much fun it is. Being an athlete offers a unique life experience that you’ll never forget. And once you get going, there’s no going back. You’ll be an athlete forever.

You’ll understand how your body works and how to prime it for competing at the highest level. This offers many amazing benefits that also permeates into your personal or professional life.


If you’re looking to kick 2020 off right, sign up for a Muay Thai class to start your martial arts journey!

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