Here’s Why Martial Arts Is The Perfect CCA

Co-curricular activities (CCA) are an integral part of a student’s holistic education in Singapore. CCA allows kids to develop their various talents while discovering exciting new interests, all while preparing them with the values and skills necessary to cope in the real world.

What CCA also does is allow students to build lasting friendships and relationships with other students. During CCA, students interact with people of varying backgrounds, promoting social integration, enhancing commitment and a sense of responsibility to school and their communities.

Here at Evolve Daily, we believe that martial arts is the perfect CCA activity for students because it offers a myriad of possibilities that cannot be found anywhere else. Martial arts is an effective learning vessel that allows students not only to learn something fun and unique but also to develop their mind and body.

If you’re thinking about which CCA to partake in, look no further. Today, Evolve Daily shares with you 5 Reasons Why Martial Arts Is The Perfect CCA.


1) It develops social skills

An important part of martial arts is working with fellow students to sharpen technique together. Classes are designed so that students with the same level of experience train and develop their skills with one another and that there are advanced practitioners available to help them along.

This kind of classroom environment fosters student interaction and actually thrives on it, allowing people to collaborate on their learning.

Though martial arts is well-known as one of the most effective ways for an individual to discover one’s own potential, it is also an activity that promotes brotherhood, friendship, and true human bonds.

The camaraderie that develops between students in a martial arts class is pure and even extends outside of the gym. You’ll gain comfort in knowing that you have real friends who will join you in your martial arts journey.


2) It provides mindful meditation

Muay Thai is also known as the Art of 8 Limbs.

One of the most important aspects of martial arts is its ability to resynchronize the mind, body, and spirit. The mind, in particular, is an integral part of martial arts training, because so much of martial arts is about studying proper technique and repeating things until technique improves.

This cannot be achieved unless the mind is first allowed to clear itself, and this is done by meditation. Meditation is one of the most important parts of martial arts because it allows the body and the mind to work in unison.

When practicing martial arts, it is important to maintain laser focus, and this is only possible by developing the mind through meditation.

Of course, the benefits of a strong mind extend far beyond the gym and affects our daily personal and academic lives. By remaining sharp and attentive, we are able to perform at our best at school, which can prove to be beneficial to one’s academic and future professional development.


3) It reduces chronic stress

Working the heavy bag will help improve your power.

Another benefit of training in martial arts is its ability to reduce chronic levels of stress and provide practitioners with an outlet to expend pent up energy. Whether one is studying for exams, or working hard on a school project, the stress from school piles up and usually results in fatigue.

Stress has many detrimental effects on health and plays a big role in determining one’s mood. Martial arts is a known way to relieve stress because it allows students to engage in physical exercise, releasing endorphins while increasing levels of fun and enjoyment.

Martial arts is one of the most enjoyable activities students can partake in. Learning the intricate movements of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, smashing the pads in Muay Thai, or learning how to slip and counter punches in boxing are great ways to relieve stress.

Moments after enrolling in classes, students will have discovered a new sanctuary in the martial arts gym where they can let loose, be themselves, and relieve stress while learning the art of self-defense.


4) It improves curiosity and creativity

Martial arts also allows students to learn at their own pace, practicing intricate movements and techniques by physically exploring various martial arts disciplines. It sparks curiosity and creativity simultaneously by allowing students to practice within the comfort of their own experience.

While there is a proper technique to every skill set, martial arts teaches students to be unique and develop their own style.

Unbeknownst to many, there is a lot of science involved in martial arts. Shooting for takedowns in a fraction of a second in wrestling, executing a perfectly timed counter punch in boxing, and transitioning into various submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu all require a certain degree of situational and spatial awareness that only physical exploration can provide.

At some point, studying martial arts translates from concept into actual performance. Joining a martial arts class puts students in prime situations where they are able to unleash this creativity to properly hone their unique techniques and unlock their skills.

In fact, creativity in executing certain movements is greatly encouraged.


5) It improves cognitive function

The objective of our Little Samurai Children’s Program is to build life skills for your child through the practice of martial arts.

Lastly, as mentioned before, martial arts is a highly-evolved and extremely complex science. The common misconception with martial arts is that it’s all just punching and kicking. Contrary to popular belief, martial arts involves so much more of the human mind, perhaps equally as much as is required from the human body.

Physical exercise through martial arts improves the human cognitive functions greatly because it involves so much use of our reasoning, memory, attention, and language. By often making use these cognitive functions in martial arts, we are able to improve our attainment of information and thus, knowledge.

Now imagine the kind of effect this will have on one’s daily life. By being better able to deduct reason, retain memory, be more attentive, and learn languages better, all aspects of one’s life are greatly enhanced, and their true potential as human beings is unlocked.

Martial arts has the ability to do this and much, much more because it is the ultimate activity to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit. And there is truly nothing quite like it.


CCAs are a great chance for students to grow, develop, and find what they love. The qualities that martial arts teaches will help students develop into productive young adults. These benefits gained from martial arts is why it is the perfect activity to pick for CCA.

Curious? Come and find out why exactly martial arts is the ideal choice for CCA.

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