Here’s Why Martial Arts Isn’t A Workout You’ll Quit After A Month

When it comes to working out and staying in shape, sticking to a routine is a lot harder than starting one. Sure, it takes a certain amount of motivation to get you off the couch and in the gym in the first place, but it takes considerable more effort to stick to your workout plan for an extended period of time.

That’s because most exercises become rather repetitious after a while. As a result, you get bored with your fitness routine, and your motivation begins to dwindle.

It then becomes easy to start making excuses for yourself. You might use your increasingly busy schedule at work to justify skipping a few workouts or some other issue in your personal life.

If you’re serious about getting in shape, it is important that you find a workout routine that you won’t easily get bored with. Martial arts classes are a great way to go. Learning any one of these ancient arts is a voyage that you won’t get tired of anytime soon.

Here are a few reasons why martial arts classes are a great workout you won’t quit after a month:

1) Every class is unique

One of the main things that make regularly attending martial arts classes so fun and unique is the fact no two classes are exactly the same. The drills and stretches you perform to warm up for each class are constantly changing, you are always learning new techniques, and you get a bunch of different friendly faces to roll and spar with.

There’s no time for boredom when you are constantly learning new things. Instead of your exercise routine being some boring chore that you have to do to stay in shape, martial arts training is something you’ll constantly look forward to. You will have many days when the time you spend in the gym will be the highlight of your day.


2) It comes with a support system

Another great benefit that comes with picking martial arts classes for your workout routine over working out at the gym is the support system that comes with it. While martial art competitions tend to be individual endeavors, training martial arts is a very social activity.

When you train, you spend lots of time with your training partners who already have something in common with you: your passion for martial arts. Over time, strong bonds and friendships are formed. Your martial arts buddies will serve as your support system in and out of the gym.

If you are having a hard time understanding a technique, they will be right there to give you advice and encouragement. If you decide to turn things up a notch and sign up for a tournament, they will be right there to cheer you on.

In time, you will look forward to any opportunity that allows you to spend time with your new friends. You’ll enjoy lots of other fun activities besides martial arts with them, and, if your motivation to train ever starts wavering due to issues in your personal or professional life, they will be right there to encourage you.


3) Improved confidence leaves you wanting more


Martial arts is a full-body workout.

When you start training martial arts, you will feel yourself becoming more confident over time. That’s because of the way these martial arts are taught. It isn’t uncommon for beginners to struggle with more advanced techniques when they begin their martial arts journey, but, in time, techniques that once seemed too difficult to learn become second nature to you.

Your confidence will grow with each new technique and setup added to your arsenal. You will start to see yourself differently, and your self-esteem will grow as you accomplish your other goals like losing weight or becoming shredded.

The great feeling you get whenever you complete a milestone will give you the motivation you need to keep working towards your other goals.


4) It is a lot more than workout

Starting your journey as a martial artist is a lot more than simply starting a new workout routine. On the contrary, it is a life-long voyage that comes with many physical and mental benefits.

For starters, martial arts classes teach you self-defense skills that might come in handy someday. Sure, you probably have no intention of ever getting into a fist fight, but there are unsavory characters out there who do not think the way you do.

Some people have no problem hurting others, so it is essential you know how to properly defend yourself and your family members if you run into such a person who is intent on getting physical with you regardless of how much you try to diffuse the situation.

Martial arts training also teaches you a host of other values that will come in handy in your personal and professional life. These include respect, empathy, perseverance, diligence, and a solid work ethic. There are also physical benefits that come with martial arts training like improved flexibility, improved balance, lower body fat, increased speed, increased power, and improved agility.

The more you notice the effect of picking up all these attributes in your professional or personal life, the less likely you will be to give up on your training.


As we have explored above, martial arts training is a workout routine that keeps you motivated for a long time. The best part; you don’t have to wait years to start enjoying the many benefits that come with it. You start learning all the values and attributes that come with martial arts the first time you step on the mat.

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