Here’s Why Muay Thai Will Make You Fall In Love With Working Out

Who wouldn’t want to have a toned, lean physique? Many people are well aware of the benefits of working out, and most occasionally try to make it a habit. Unfortunately, while it is easy to find yourself with a burst of fitness motivation every now and then, sticking to a workout routine is where most people fail.

There are many reasons for this reality.

For starters, working out can quickly become routine. You perform the same exercises on workout days, and there is little variation. In time, going to the gym can start to feel more like a chore. Just one more thing that you need to get out of the way.

In addition, working out on your own is not always the most efficient way to improve your physique. You might not necessarily know the best exercises to target each muscle group or the most effective ways to burn fat in a limited amount of time.


Muay Thai: The Workout That’s Easy To Stick To

If the scenarios listed above sounds like you, signing up for a Muay Thai class might be just what you need to help you stick to a fitness routine. Training a martial arts style like Muay Thai never gets old, and you will find yourself constantly looking forward to what the next class will bring.

Here are a few reasons why it is a lot easier to stick to a Muay Thai class than working out at the gym:

1) No two classes are the same


A student kicks the heavy bag during a Muay Thai class at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

Mastering martial arts like Muay Thai is a lifelong journey as these ancient styles have a countless number of techniques, drills, and combinations for you to learn. During a typical martial arts class, students are often taught two or three techniques. They get to drill them, learn how to counter them, and experiment with their training partners. By the end of the class, most students have a solid grasp of how to properly execute these moves.

That makes each class unique in its own way since the techniques being taught and drilled are constantly changing. Instead of getting bored with the idea of going to your next class, you will be excited to learn new techniques you can add to your arsenal.


2) Incredible fat burn

Here’s another major benefit of opting for Muay Thai classes over working out at the gym. An hour-long Muay Thai class burns up to 1,000 calories. That is a huge deal considering the fact that is almost half the recommended caloric intake for the average person.

Compare that to 150 calories burned for every hour spent lifting weights at the gym, 400 calories for an hour-long swimming session and 600 calories for every hour spent running, and it becomes clear why most experienced Muay Thai practitioners have lean, ripped physiques.

The best part? You burn all these calories while having the time of your life. It is not uncommon to find students staying behind after a Muay Thai class just because they want to keep on having fun.

The caloric burn that comes with training Muay Thai makes it one of the most effective ways to burn fat and lose weight. Combine it with a healthy diet and watch all the excess fat on your midsection burn away.


3) Meet new people

Another huge benefit that comes with training Muay Thai is the many cool people you get to interact with. A world-class Muay Thai gym will foster a respectful, family-friendly atmosphere where students are equally respectful towards each other and their instructors.

The common passion you all have for Muay Thai brings everyone together and lifelong friendships are often formed at the gym. Your training partners at the gym will serve as a support system that is always there to motivate and cheer you on.

This social benefit of martial arts training becomes even more important if you find yourself relocated to an unfamiliar environment with few friends and family members around.


4) Makes you stronger


A student hits the pads during a Muay Thai class at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

While many people automatically think about lifting weights when it comes to things that can make them stronger, training Muay Thai can be just as effective. Repeatedly practicing techniques works out almost every muscle in your body — particularly your core muscles.

The workout your core gets during Muay Thai training is actually more intense than what you would get from doing crunches at the gym.

Training Muay Thai also helps to improve your flexibility, especially at the hips.


5) Gives you a sense of accomplishment


For most practitioners, the Muay Thai gym becomes their second home.

Training a martial art like Muay Thai teaches practitioners many important mental attributes like perseverance, discipline, and improved problem-solving skills. This combined with the progression that comes naturally with training a martial arts gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Everyone starts from the same place when it comes to Muay Thai. You might find yourself unable to execute even the simplest of moves on your first day, but in time, you will be able to execute complicated techniques with ease. You will also receive a certificate whenever you progress to the next level.

It is a nice little reminder that all of your hard work has been paying off.


6) Reduces stress

Stress is a natural emotion that most people find themselves dealing with from time to time. Signing up for Muay Thai classes is a great way to combat this. On the mat, all the things that are bothering you are relegated to the back of your mind, while you focus on performing the tasks your instructors put in front on you. It is a nice reprieve from all the hassles in your personal and professional lives.

In addition, the intensity of Muay Thai workouts prompts your body to secrete feel-good endorphins. This improves your mood and helps you to stay relaxed when the workout is over.

With so many more benefits than working out on your own, it’s no surprise an increasing number of people are signing up for Muay Thai classes.


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