Here’s Why You Will Fall In Love With Muay Thai

Many people go through the rest of their lives not knowing what it’s like to be truly passionate about something. They live their lives one day to the next, feeling unfulfilled and uninspired. For those who are lucky enough to find their passion, they can continue to pursue it and devote themselves to it.

Every Muay Thai student agrees that finding this passion in the beautiful art of 8 limbs feels as natural as throwing an upward elbow. They’ve fallen in love with this martial art, and it’s easy to see why.

Whether you’ve just discovered Muay Thai or have been a longtime practitioner, there’s no doubt that you can relate to a few or more of these points. Today, Evolve Daily shares 7 Reasons Why It’s So Easy To Fall In Love With Muay Thai:

1) Because it gives you an incredible endorphin rush

The uppercut is one of the first techniques you'll learn in Muay Thai.

The uppercut is one of the first techniques you’ll learn in Muay Thai.

You could be having the absolute worst day where nothing seems to be going right, but the minute you start warming up with some cardio and light stretching, your focus completely changes. Everything you were worrying about that day can be released on the bags, pads, and mitts. There’s nothing like the sound of leather on leather to change your perspective.


2) Because you can see yourself improve right away

Trainer of Muay Thai World Champions, "Papa" Daorung tries to improve his student's footwork.

Trainer of Muay Thai World Champions, “Papa” Daorung Sityodtong tries to improve his student’s footwork.

When you practice Muay Thai, constant repetition of the same techniques is a must. From shadowboxing to padwork, your trainer assigns you a set of combinations you will eventually learn and perfect after consistent training and practice. There’s no doubt that these repetitions will help you perfect your techniques, boosting your improvement a hundredfold!


3) Because it’s the most fun way to burn calories

Anyone can practice the beautiful art of Muay Thai!

Anyone can practice the beautiful art of Muay Thai!

From the two rounds of jump rope to sprints to several rounds of bag and pad work, Muay Thai can help you burn 1,000 calories an hour – without you even realizing it. Not only does it help you burn fat and torch unwanted calories, it also builds your core, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Unlike other striking martial arts, Muay Thai encourages the use of 8 limbs to strike with, giving you unlimited combinations to choose from. You definitely won’t get bored!


4) Because it gives you courage

Muay Thai isn’t known to be the most effective striking art for no reason. It has been battle tested and street-certified for real-life encounters. This gives you the courage and confidence to stand up for yourself in any compromising situations you may encounter.


5) Because it is a beautiful martial art

When you watch a Muay Thai fight for the first time, you’ll be surprised at the elegance and grace in which the fighters execute their techniques. It may even seem like they are dancing inside the ring, and yet, are able to inflict so much devastating damage on their opponents. If that doesn’t inspire you to train Muay Thai, we don’t know what else will!


6) Because you’ll make new friends for life

Another amazing Muay Thai seminar by World Champions at Evolve MMA.

Although martial artists are generally friendly people, Muay Thai practitioners are known to develop friendships amongst themselves that could last a lifetime. There’s nothing like hugging it out or patting each other’s back after an intense sparring session. Although it may feel like you were just confronted by your enemy, you’ll find yourselves discussing your sparring match after it happens, pointing out each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


7) Because it makes you a better person

All Muay Thai students know that although it is easy to learn Muay Thai, it takes a different kind of individual to actually step into a ring and fight. You’ll need hours of training and conditioning to prepare, and that doesn’t even include the mental toughness you’ll need to develop to last for 5 rounds.

As they say, fighting is truly a great equalizer, and there is nothing as ego shattering as a jab to the face. However, overcoming and admitting your weaknesses and turning them into strengths will definitely make you a better person, building the confidence you need in and out of the ring.


Training Muay Thai is certainly an incredible adventure for anyone willing to take a risk. It challenges your confidence and your mental and physical strength. And in the end, it gives you the will to achieve anything you set your mind to.

So tell us, when will you start training Muay Thai?


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