Homeless and Legless 6 Year Old Wrestler Inspires Millions

Isaiah Bird is quite the accomplished wrestler for someone only six years of age. He has already placed third in the state of New York and sixth at the War of the Shore Nationals, among other accolades. Nothing can stop Bird; not even a pair of legs or having a place to call home. What Isaiah lacks physically and financially, he makes up for with determination and tenacity.

According to his wrestling coach, Isaiah realized that not having legs gave him the upper hand – it made it very difficult for others to take him down. Another advantage Isaiah has is his upper body strength, which he developed from walking on his hands. Unable to afford a wheelchair, Isaiah was forced to rely solely on his arms to get him around.

Although many would consider Isaiah’s situation to be quite dire, it seems like he feels quite the opposite. Instead of letting his misfortune get in the way of achieving his goals, he uses it as inspiration to work harder.

Many people are touched by Bird’s story, including current UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

I find Isaiah so inspiring. We want to raise money for him and I draw strength myself on the energy of the little guy and what he can do. It puts our battles into perspective,” says Weidman.

To know more about Isaiah Bird’s story, check out the video below :

I don’t have legs, but I don’t need no legs. I’m a gladiator and I’m better than everybody. I like to win, I already have 6 medals and I want more,” says Bird.

Isaiah Bird is truly an example of how one can achieve greatness within. He will stop at nothing to be the best he can be, and perhaps become a World Champion in the future.

Isaiah’s story is one we can all learn from. Whatever obstacles in life we may face, there is always a way to overcome them – especially if we want something bad enough. Just like Isaiah, we shouldn’t let anything stand in the way of our dreams, because they are ours to fulfil.




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