How To Develop A World Champion’s Mindset (And Achieve Anything In Life)

What makes a World Champion? Is it a special gene he or she is born with? Or is it something that can be measured by achievements? Well, one thing’s for sure – it all boils down to their mindset.

There are two kinds of mindsets: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. When people have a fixed mindset, they believe that talent alone (without effort) can bring about success. That means they feel that basic qualities such as talent and intelligence are fixed, hence, they don’t develop them.

In contrast to that, a growth mindset is the opposite. (Psst! This is the mindset that all champions have!) Instead of viewing basic abilities as something fixed, people with the growth mindset believe that they’re works-in-progress. Therefore, they’re willing to develop themselves through hard work, and their dedication to improve brings about a genuine love for learning as well as the strength to bounce back from setbacks.


The best part about this is that anyone (yes, even you!) can develop a growth mindset and work towards being a champion in life, because none of us are stuck with either one mindset all the time.

Want to find out how champions maximize their potential? Today, Evolve Daily reveals what goes on Inside a Champion’s Mind:

1) When dealing with challenges


Fixed mindset: When faced with challenges, people with a fixed mindset tend to shy away and avoid it altogether if possible. This is because their fear of failure makes them afraid to try new things, in case they don’t succeed and end up feeling inadequate. Instead, they end up doing things they’re familiar with, or know that they’re good at – in order to convince themselves that they’re good enough.

Growth mindset: Although they might initially be afraid, people with a growth mindset eventually decide to face their fears and take on challenges because they know that these challenges ultimately help them grow. As a result, they end up trying new things and learning to take risks – even if it ends in failure. Instead of beating themselves up, they learn from their experiences and continue to expand their horizons.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. After all, if you never try, you’ll never know what you’re missing out on. Instead of worrying about the outcome, focus on the journey and enjoy every moment of it.


2) When coping with failure


Fixed mindset: The biggest fear of those with a fixed mindset is facing setbacks. Unfortunately, failure is inevitable. At some point in our lives, we all have to deal with it.

As people with a fixed mindset believe that talent is all they need to succeed, they often feel like they lack the talent – and sometimes give up completely – up after failing once. By letting their shortcomings dictate their self-worth, they prevent themselves from maximizing their potential.

Growth mindset: Those with a growth mindset understand that failure is part and parcel of life. That’s why they don’t let it influence their perception of themselves. When they come face to face with obstacles, they persist and keep trying – even if it means failing 19 times before finally succeeding. Hence, their successes are much sweeter, and they grow much stronger in the process.

Tip: The next time you deal with failure, take responsibility for your actions rather than blame “a lack of talent”. By doing so, you’ll learn to take a step back and evaluate the situation, perhaps even finding a better way to tackle it. When this happens, you’ll be more motivated to try again. Who knows, perhaps you’ll succeed the next round!


3) When learning and seeking approval


Fixed mindset: People with a fixed mindset tend to worry about how others perceive them, rather than focus on their own performance. Also, they don’t handle criticism well because they focus on feeling good about themselves rather than self-improvement. As a result, they often ignore useful feedback which hinders their learning. This then prevents them from unleashing their potential.

Growth mindset: On the other hand, those with a growth mindset see criticism as a good way to locate their weaknesses, and treat feedback as a way to learn from mistakes and improve themselves. Hence, they often pick things up faster and ultimately maximize their learning.

What’s more, they understand that everyone is on different journeys, so they choose to not seek approval or compare themselves to others. As a result, they are able to focus on evolving into the best version of themselves.

Tip: Instead of viewing constructive criticism as personal attacks, remember that there’s a reason why you’re getting this feedback. Use it to your advantage and learn from it, so you can ultimately improve in whatever you’re doing.


All of us at Evolve Daily believe that you’ve got what it takes to be a champion. So go forth and unleash your potential!

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