You Know You’re A Martial Arts Fanatic When…. (Infographic)

People who practice martial arts often compare it to being in a long-term relationship. You tried it once, then twice, then next thing you know you’re signing up for the whole year. Pretty soon, it turns into a full-blown relationship. Much to everyone’s dismay – more so your actual significant other’s — you’ll quickly realize you’ve devoted practically your entire being to martial arts.


Here are some of the signs that you’ve become a martial arts fanatic:

1) You know at least one Bruce Lee quote by heart. 
The father of mixed martial arts himself. With his wit and wisdom, his philosophies are those that many martial artists live by – and regularly quote (see Facebook).


2) You shadow box when you think nobody’s looking. 
There’s no better time to work on your form than now.  Especially when there’s that nice glass to see your reflection in.


3) You arrange your social schedule according to your training schedule.

Sorry, I’m training. How many times have you said this to your friends? As frustrated as they may feel, you’re probably even more frustrated because you’ve spent 10 minutes trying to calm them down when you could have been training instead.


4) Whenever you fall over, you do a technical standup to get up. 
For the die-hard grappler, the technical standup is the best way to get back on your feet. Even when you’re not on the mat – OSS!


5) Most of your friends on Facebook are from your gym. 
These are the same people that post Bruce Lee quotes.


6) Instead of saying “yes”, you say “OSS!”
Your devotion to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has become apparent to everyone, even your favorite barista. Or your mom.


7) Your closet has more training gear than regular clothes. 
At first it started with one gi. Then another. Then a pair of Muay Thai shorts, hand wraps. Of course you need a pair of gloves. And no-gi shorts. And spats. Before you know it, you won’t remember the last time you bought a t-shirt without some kind of martial arts logo on it.


8) Someone extends their hand, you immediately think “armdrag”.
Wrestling moves have become second nature for you. You see an arm extended, you go for it, regardless of where you are.


9) When you’re impressed with something, the first word that comes to your mind is “Oeiiii!” 
You’ve obviously spent too much time with your Krus.


10) You believe that pretending to kick someone is a great way to say “hi”. 
After kicking pads day in and day out, kicking has become a reflex. It’s also become a great way to say hi to friends or to prove a point.


Have you done any of these things today? If you have, we’re not going to judge! Oss!

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