Learn From The Best: Seminar With Muay Thai Legends (Gallery)

Last weekend, the Evolve MMA students were treated to a two-day seminar conducted by our Muay Thai World Champions. The Evolve Muay Thai Instructor Team is the world’s most decorated Muay Thai instructor team of World Champions. Multiple time Muay Thai World Champions and legends such as Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn, Orono Wor Petchpun, Dejdamrong Sor AmnuaysirichokSagetdao Petpayathai, Saknarong Sityodtong, Yodsanan SityodtongYodteera SityodtongPapa Daorung SityodtongNontachai Sit OMuangfalek Kiatvichian, Irshaad Sayed, Penek Sitmunoi, and more worked together to cover all questions the students wanted to know about their Muay Thai practice. Almost 200 Evolve students attended the seminar.


On Day One: Unlocking the Basics of Muay Thai, the instructors covered the common mistakes made by Muay Thai beginners. Some advanced students were also in attendance, eager to perfect their fundamental techniques and improve on their striking speed and power.


Day Two: Intermediate and Advanced Techniques for Muay Thai , the instructors broke down the essentials of sparring and their favorite techniques. Students were also reminded of the mutual learning value of sparring as a way to improve their Muay Thai skills and not as a means to demonstrate domination over teammates.


As usual, each session was concluded by a lively demonstration by the Muay Thai World Champions. The instructors not only showed their prowess in the beautiful art but also reinforced the idea that Muay Thai can be a fun martial art to practice.

We can’t wait till the next session!


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