Learn How To Wrap Your Hands Properly for Boxing or Muay Thai

For those of you who are just starting Muay Thai or boxing, wrapping your hands might seem complicated and confusing. Perhaps you’ve been training for some time now and were wondering if you’ve been doing it right all along.

Don’t worry—we’re here to help. With the assistance of Muay Thai World Champion and Evolve MMA instructor Penek Sitnumnoi, we’ve come up with a quick instructional video to guide you through the process.

Here are the seven easy steps you can follow:

Step 1: Place the loop around your thumb and begin wrapping around the back of your hand.

Step 2: Wrap three or four times around your wrist.

Step 3: Wrap around your thumb two times. For each time you wrap around your thumb, also wrap once around your wrist.

Step 4: Wrap three times around your knuckles.

Step 5: Now, wrap once in between each of your fingers. Pay close attention to how Penek goes back across the top of the hand and around the wrist after going in between each finger.

Step 6: With the remaining wrap, go around your wrist for additional support.

Step 7: Finish by securing the Velcro strap around your wrist.


Learning how to wrap your hands properly will not only stabilize your wrists but also protect your knuckles. By following these simple steps, you’ll be ready to face the punching bag or your opponent in no time!

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