Martial Arts For Kids: Should I Let My Child Learn Martial Arts?

There are many reasons in favor of allowing your child to learn kids’ martial arts.

Yet, many find it hard to do so. After all, it is only natural for any loving and vigilant parent to question whether martial arts is the right fit for your son or daughter. Whether your child becomes interested in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, or any other martial art, you want to ensure that your child’s safety and development are not negatively affected by their new obsession.

Today, we’re going to look at why allowing your child to participate in kids’ martial arts can be one of the greatest decisions you will ever make.


1) Choosing the Right Gym

kids martial arts gym

In kid’s martial arts, the child is typically a product of his or her environment.

Some of us were once in the very same position you find yourself in, asking a question along the lines of “why should I allow my kid to train in martial arts?”

There is no shame in that, as one of the most common fears a parent has is their child getting hurt inside the gym or dojo. When it comes to full-contact striking disciplines like Muay Thai, it can be easy to focus on the “violence.” But a change in your perspective is vital here. Martial arts for kids is not about beating an opponent up (or getting beaten up), but more about qualities such as development, improvement, respect, and achievement.

With that said, before you consider letting your kid train, make sure to thoroughly vet where they are training. Why? Well, providing your child with the best environment to train in is crucial to their success. Hence, choosing from the best kids martial arts gyms with safe, knowledgeable, and highly proficient instructors is the way forward.

If you are still not sold on the idea of martial arts for kids, remember that you can take your boy or girl to the kid’s martial arts gym for their first lesson. It will be much easier to embrace their new hobby if you ask to stay and watch the first lesson or two.


2) Why Martial Arts are Essential for Growth

kids learning bjj

Incremental development is key in the formative stages of a child’s martial arts journey.

When you give your child the blessing to take up kids’ martial arts, the following days might be fraught with tension. But it’s important to remember that there is beauty in your sacrifice.

Like an adult bird encouraging its fledgling young, the intent behind your actions is love. Yes, the young bird may hit the ground when attempting to fly for the first time. It might suffer an experience that is far beyond its comfort zone or existing frame of reference. Yet, this is what nature intended, right? Without the adult bird encouraging its young, the offspring will be devoid of the fundamental tools necessary for survival.

Much like martial arts for kids, when the young bird gets to grips with maneuvering its form, it finds limitless potential in its wings. The glory of flight has been achieved through the practice of actions, just as it is for any youngster putting foot to canvas and fist to bag in a gym for the first time.


3) Can My Kid Train and Not Fight?

a kid learning muay thai

Fledgling kids martial artists must find their feet before they compete.

No sane and responsible trainer is ever going to nominate your child for a martial arts competition for kids.

Forcing them to fight? Well, that is completely out of the question, whether it is in the best kids martial arts gym in the world, or a humble tin shed in Texas. Providing you ensure that the coaching setup and training environment are both secure and responsible, you can allow your child to just train. If they take to whatever discipline it is — be it boxing, wrestling, BJJ, or Muay Thai for kids — you can follow their progress before you make a decision on the competitive side of things.

For children under a certain age, kids’ martial arts competitions are not permitted. So, if you are worried about letting your child into the gym, and just want them to train, keep this in mind. Instructors will oversee their development of the fundamentals rather than prepping them for fights.

But the good thing about starting early is that it gives them a head start over most other kids. This will put them in a really good position when they compete. And let’s face it: if your son or daughter is the star of their kids’ martial arts class, the chances are that you are going to feel much different about how they will fare in future competitions.


4) Getting Started with Kids’ Martial Arts

daughter trains bjj

Getting started is half the battle won.

Life is a collection of challenges, with uncertain outcomes and varied results. Sometimes we think we are making the right decision, but experience tells us otherwise.

Therefore, it’s crucial to learn from the results of others folks’ tests and trials before you allow your little ones to embrace martial arts for kids. We dread to think of what would have happened if the legendary Samart Payakaroon was denied the chance to train by his parents on account of his diminutive frame! Or if Muhammad Ali hadn’t taken up boxing as a 12-year-old when his bike was stolen, on account of finding the thief to beat him up.

In essence, there is so much to be learned from kids’ martial arts lessons. And we’re not just talking about the things your child will pick up. You too can learn from watching your kid take up children’s martial arts. Together, you can both form a bond over the discipline that will last forever.

Getting started with your kid’s martial arts journey is the first step towards potential greatness. But at the very least, it could equip your son or daughter with answers in a world that presents a million and one questions.


5) Putting It All Together

kid learns bjj

There’s endless fun to be had learning martial arts.

Apprehension and concern are par for the course when it comes to letting your little one learn kids’ martial arts.

However, it can be very uplifting to see your initial fears dwindle away when you see the stunning physical and mental developments that come with a child training and/or competing. Changes in their character such as confidence, humility, bravery, and gentleness will come with physical and cognitive advancements. Rather than playing video games and eating junk food, they will have something special and substantial to live for.

More than this, kids’ martial arts yield great results when it comes to developing a child’s social skills, sense of responsibility, and general happiness. But without giving them the chance to test themselves in a safe, rewarding, and purely meritocratic environment, you could be denying them this opportunity.


So if you’re looking to enroll your child in a kids’ martial arts gym, sign up below!

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