Don’t Get Hit! Here’s How You Can Use The “Figure 4” Defense In Muay Thai

The art of Muay Thai utilizes a variety of defensive techniques very similar to those found in Boxing. Defensive techniques provide fighters with protection while sometimes also allowing them to use all of the offensive moves available to a particular defensive technique.

In Muay Thai, fighters sometimes use defensive techniques that are unique to their sport. One such technique is known as the “figure 4” defense. While similar to the famous “cross-armed” defense in boxing, the “figure 4” defense is different in that it places the fighter in a more appropriate posture and range to strike with elbows and knees. And unlike most defensive techniques, the “figure 4” defense also allows fighters to measure and maintain the range needed to not only defend against strikes but also throw counter attacks of their own.

In this video, four-time Lumpinee Muay Thai World Champion Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn demonstrates the use of the “figure 4” defense against an opponent’s lead left uppercut. Namsaknoi uses this technique to throw a counter right elbow immediately after successfully blocking the uppercut. Leveraging on the placement of his hands in this technique, Namsaknoi then sweeps his opponent off balance before landing a devastating right knee.

Start incorporating this unique guard to your Muay Thai arsenal today! But remember, constant practice of any technique is vital in Muay Thai. The more we refine and improve our techniques, the closer we’ll get to our martial arts goals.

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