Muay Thai World Champion Muangfalek Kiatvichian Reveals His Secret To Happiness

Most students at Evolve MMA will tell you that Muangfalek Kiatvichian or Kru “Bang” is one of the most animated people they’ve ever met. A Muay Thai World Champion with over 300 professional fights, Kru “Bang” enthusiastically shares his extensive Muay Thai skills and knowledge with the students of Evolve MMA.


There’s no doubt that he loves what he does. Throughout his hour-long Muay Thai sessions, Kru “Bang” always tries to boost his students’ energy with his silly jokes and antics, spreading happy, positive vibes.

With his upbeat attitude and penchant for singing Brazilian songs, it is difficult to imagine that Kru “Bang” experienced many hardships during his childhood. Growing up in poverty in a family of 9, his parents had to make do with farming and fishing in order to make ends meet. Unfortunately, this was not enough to send Kru “Bang” and his other siblings to school. In order to help his family, Kru “Bang” was pushed by his father and older sister to start training Muay Thai.


“I didn’t like Muay Thai at first,” he admitted. After much hesitation, “Bang” started training Muay Thai at 9 years old. Eventually, he grew to love the art more than he loved other sports. At 11 years old, “Bang” started training intensively and had his first professional fight. Under immense pressure from his family and trainers to succeed, he buckled under and lost. However, this did not stop him from continuing to pursue his dream and passion.


After his first loss, “Bang” was determined to work even harder. This led to his success in the ring and eventually two Rajadamnern titles as well as two Thailand Boxing Champion titles. His artistic execution of beautiful kicks and ferocious punches became known throughout Thailand. With his prize money, he was also able to put himself through school and help his family.


Several years later, he was then recruited to teach Muay Thai in Japan, where he lived for almost 10 years. His most famous students include Evolve MMA Fight Team member and ONE FC Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki as well as MMA superstar Masakazu Imanari. To this day, “Bang” speaks flawless Japanese.

Today, Kru ”Bang” remains to be one of Evolve MMA’s most beloved instructors. He is also able to financially support his family so that they can live comfortably. His eagerness to share his knowledge of the Muay Thai that he loves resonates in the happy faces of all his students. Despite all his hardships in life, Kru “Bang” has found many reasons to smile. He says,

In my life, I have experienced many things. Some good, some bad. But I always think that I must fight hard for what I want to achieve and never let go of my dream. “



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