Munch On These Foods to Ease Your Muscle Aches

If you’ve been keeping to a workout schedule and training hard at the gym, then you’d probably have experienced muscle aches at some point.

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to let muscle soreness stop you from hitting the gym on a regular basis. This is because we’ve discovered that some foods can help minimize your post-workout aches. So if you’ve been feeling the soreness, munch on these foods to feel better!

Today, Evolve Daily shares 7 Foods That Can Help Ease Your Muscle Aches:

1) Tart cherry


Known for having anti-inflammatory properties, tart cherries are great when it comes to fighting your post-exercise aches. According to a study from the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, drinking tart cherry juice before your workout can actually help you feel less sore after.

Another recent study reported that cyclists who drank tart cherry juice concentrate prior to a 3-day simulated race had lower levels of inflammation and muscle damage as compared to those who didn’t.


2) Ginger


Did you know that you can reduce muscle soreness by consuming about 2 to 4 grams of ginger daily? This is because ginger root contains gingerols, which play a part in reducing tissue inflammation – which causes stiff and achy muscles and joints.

It comes as no surprise then, that ginger is highly valued in ancient China, India and the Middle East for its healing ability.


3) Cinnamon


If you’re a fan of cinnamon, then here’s the good news – it can help ease your muscle aches as it contains eugenol, which helps with pain relief. What’s more, it has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are good for reducing post-workout soreness.

Besides that, it’s high in calcium. That means it can help strengthen your bones while enabling your muscles to contract well.


4) Eggs

Chef Name: Food Network Kitchen Full Recipe Name: Simple Scrambled Eggs Talent Recipe: FNK Recipe: Food Networks Kitchen’s Simple Scrambled Eggs, as seen on Project:, FN Essentials/Weeknights/Fall/Holidays Show Name: Food Network / Cooking Channel: Food Network

Apart from being rich in protein, eggs also contain leucine which is an amino acid that is essential for building muscle. Speaking of muscle, eggs also help with muscle recovery (and yes, reducing soreness). This is all thanks to anti-oxidants such as lutein, selenium and zeazanthin which help reduce inflammation.

You can jumpstart the recovery process by munching on some eggs after your workout, as they’ll stimulate protein synthesis and increase energy production.


5) Nuts


Nuts are packed with healthy fats that are good for your heart. Besides that, they’re also a great help when it comes to fighting muscle soreness and repairing damaged tissue.

If you need to recover from a killer work out, then reach out for some almonds – their high content of omega-6 fat helps with recuperation. Another good kind of nut is the nutrient-dense walnut, which improves your body’s energy use and brings about an anti-fatigue effect.


6) Fish (especially salmon)

Grilled salmon and vegetables

Besides its ability to melt away fat, salmon can also help to reduce muscle aches. This is because fishes have anti-inflammatory effects, and contain omega-3 fats which play a major role in recovery. Apart from that, fishes fight oxidative stress – which is an imbalance between free radical production, and your body’s ability to detoxify their harmful effects.


7) Fruits

fruits copy

Replenish your muscle’s glycogen store with high glycemic fruits such as pineapple, watermelon and kiwi. Thanks to their anti-oxidant compounds, these fruits can help with muscle recovery due to their ability to repair tissue.

Also, these fruits boost insulin production, which can lower inflammatory products that your body releases when you work out.


Apart from munching on these foods, you should also make it a point to hydrate yourself after each workout because water also plays a part in muscle recovery. Psst! You might want to check out these other things you can do to reduce your post-workout soreness! So take note, and do what you can to prevent those muscle aches from getting in the way of you and your workouts. Now go forth and make every workout count!

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