NEWSFLASH: Evolve MMA Wins 4 Medals At The Pan Kids BJJ Championship

The world’s best young Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) athletes came out in droves to compete at the 2020 Pan Kids BJJ Championship in Long Beach, California, on February 8 to 9.

As the world’s premier BJJ tournament kids, the Pan Kids BJJ Championship sees the greatest young competitors from all around the world test their skills against one another. The 2020 edition of the competition was once again an action-packed event that brought out the brightest stars who took to the mats in search of medals and glory.

bjj pan kids sophia

Sophia Behar won her second Pan Kids gold medal.

Led by Evolve Instructor and BJJ World Championship Silver Medalist Almiro Barros, Evolve MMA’s group of competitors put on their best Pan Kids performance to date, winning a total of 4 medals — a gold medal, two silver medals, and a bronze medal.

Speaking of his students’ accomplishments, Almiro said, “I am very proud of our team. They’ve put in a lot of work preparing for the competition and should be proud of their performances. I would like to congratulate everyone on their achievements. Everyone showed incredible teamwork to pull together and help each other out. Their achievements are all well-deserved,” said Barros.

“I am very proud of how far the Evolve Children’s Program has come. To come all the way from Singapore to compete in the highest level competition in the world and win four medals is a big achievement. It shows that our kids are amongst the best in the world. I’m very proud of all of our kids. I see a bright future for everyone”

pan kids 2

Chew Zheng Hui won a silver medal.

Winning a Pan Kids gold medal for the second time was 11-year-old Sophia Behar, Stephen Cartagena and Chew Zheng Hui won silver, while 12-year-old Alisha Haris bagged herself a bronze medal.

Evolve has produced many World Champions across various martial arts disciplines, both in the amateur and professional ranks. ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadao and the legendary Shinya Aoki both hone their skills at Evolve alongside many other martial arts World Champions.

In 2019, Evolve MMA student Constance Lien captured the women’s blue belt featherweight (under 58.5kg) world title at the World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championships in California. And in 2018, she nabbed a silver medal at the Asian Games.

sophia behar BJJ kids

Gold medalist Sophia Behar and her professor, BJJ Champion Almiro Barros.

“Thank you to all Evolve MMA professors who have helped the program grow. This was the best result we’ve had, and we know we can do even better in the future,” said Almiro.

pan kids 3

Chew Zheng Hui and his proud professor, BJJ Champion Almiro Barros.

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