NEWSFLASH: The Evolve MMA Competition Team Results Are Here!

Over the weekend, Evolve MMA held its quarterly tryouts for the Evolve Competition Teams, the official amateur fight teams for Asia’s top martial arts organization. All the Evolve students who tried out certainly showed true warrior spirit, forged through hours of training and resilience.

Before we announce the list of candidates, we’d like to congratulate every student who showed up for the tryouts. We know that it isn’t easy to put in all that extra effort on top of your regular training schedule. It undoubtedly takes a lot of hard work and courage to put your skills to the test. Regardless of whether you made the team or not, we laud you for your efforts and hope to see you try again next time. We know you’ve got what it takes to be the best martial artist you can be.

After much consideration and debate, the Evolve Instructor Team has compiled a final list of students who have been successful in the trials for their respective competition teams. On behalf of Evolve MMA, we’d like to congratulate the following students as the newest members of the Evolve Competition Team:

Muay Thai Competition Team:


  1. Daria Tscherkaschin
  2. Anastasia Lim Lee Lin
  3. Al Nissira Osman
  4. Javier Ng
  5. Jason Unger
  6. Kingston Lim Jing Ying
  7. Jason Low
  8. Kevin Chua
  9. Arvin Isabelo
  10. Muhammad Haris
  11. Charles O’Farrell
  12. Hiroshi Yamada
  13. You Ming Sang
  14. Terrence Tan
  15. Jean Pierre Roman
  16. Isaac Ho


Boxing Competition Team:

  1. Jonathan Julius
  2. Calvin Low Chin Wei
  3. Akram Rustom
  4. Mai Paul


MMA Competition Team:


  1. Silas Yeak
  2. Harris
  3. Ya-Alif
  4. Foo Chit Hong
  5. Ted Koh
  6. Jason Obina


BJJ Competition Team:

  1. Kevin Cheng
  2. Michael Pesce
  3. Grace Goh
  4. Noah Lim
  5. Andrey Pilipets

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