The 3 Most Incredible Moments Of ONE Superstar Amir Khan’s Career

ONE Superstar Amir Khan from the Evolve Fight Team is considered one of the top martial arts talents plying his trade on ONE Championship’s global stage of competition. The 23-year-old Singapore Muay Thai champion has been a professional since 2014 and has since amassed a stellar 9-3 professional record.

More importantly, Khan is currently considered one of the top lightweights in the promotion today.

On Friday, 18 May, Khan returns to action against South Korean Sung Jong Lee on the main card of ONE: Unstoppable Dreams, which takes place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Already a legitimate threat to the lightweight throne, Khan knows he inches closer and closer to a shot at the world title with every victory.

As such, the Singaporean striking ace is working hard on his skills ahead of his highly-anticipated return to competition.

“Every session, every sparring, I take really seriously, and I push myself in every way. Whether I am feeling tired, or fresh, I push through with every session,” said Khan. “Also, for this, I kind of changed my training routine. I am going back to my roots and training my Muay Thai skills more. I am also mixing it up.”

He has faced some of the biggest names at lightweight, including fighters such as Shannon Wiratchai, Vaughn Donayre, Adrian Pang, and Timofey Nastyukhin, to name a few. For his next bout, Khan is completely confident that his skills will carry him to victory against Sung.

“I think I can take the fight anywhere I go. I do not think he will be a match for me, but I am going to keep my focus, and focus on myself. I just need to perform the way I can,” said Khan.

If you have never seen Khan perform to the best of his abilities, he can be described as an exciting young fighter, with solid all-around skills. More importantly, Khan has that distinct quality that allows him to power through some very rough spots to claim victory.

It takes a great amount of mental fortitude to survive in the world of martial arts, and Khan has tons of it — including unbelievable strength for a 23-year-old.

Let’s take a look at some of the moments that have defined Khan’s young career. Today, Evolve Daily shares Amir Khan’s three most incredible displays of strength.

1) A vicious knockout of Jaroslav Jartim

Putting his full breadth of striking skills on display, Khan authored perhaps the most devastating knockout finish of his career when he took on Czech martial artist Jaroslav Jartim.

Beginning the bout by gauging Jartim’s stand up game, Khan operated with surgical precision, timing his opponent with a strafing left hand that hit the mark early and often. Jartim would try his best to fend off Khan’s advances, but the Singaporean was just too slick on his feet.

After taking the match the ground and trying to finish Jartim with a submission, Khan allowed his opponent to get back on his feet where he would soon put the finishing touches. Within moments, Khan landed a beautiful left high kick that stunned Jartim. He ended matters with his next strike, landing a thunderous right hand that turned the lights out on his opponent.

Referee Yuji Shimada immediately intervened, noticing Jartim was completely separated from his senses.


2) Overcoming the durable Adrian Pang

Against the durable veteran Adrian “The Hunter” Pang, Khan faced the toughest challenge of his career at this point. Pang is known for his extremely heavy hands and knockout power, and even more for his granite-like chin. It was a very dangerous fight for Khan, who knew a victory over such a big name would do wonders in raising his stock.

Yet, instead of showcasing his unbelievable power, Khan fought an intelligent fight, using a sound game plan to stifle Pang for three whole rounds. Khan plastered Pang’s lead leg with a plethora of kicks, slowing down the Australian powerhouse gradually over the course of the bout. To his credit, Pang remained a knockout threat at every juncture, stalking Khan with absolutely no fear.

But Khan stuck to his guns and remained methodical all throughout. The result was one of Khan’s finest and most mature performances as a professional, and a unanimous decision victory well-earned.


3) Surviving a near-submission from veteran Vaughn Donayre

Khan added a significant feather to his cap when he overcame a stiff challenge from Filipino martial arts veteran Vaughn Donayre. To this day, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt remains Khan’s toughest fight in his career, but one that he overcame with every ounce of determination in his body. After surviving a near submission in the second round that saw his shoulder almost separated from its socket, Khan authored a terrific come-from-behind victory that drove the local Singaporean crowd into a frenzy.

In an incredible display of guts, Khan braved through the pain of having his arm and shoulder hyperextended in the wrong direction after getting caught in a very deep kimura by Donayre. And although fans motioned for Khan to tap, the youngster just refused to do so and eventually found a way out of his predicament.

In the end, Khan turned the tables on Donayre, winning via third-round submission of his own.

Khan proved a lot of things with his terrific performance. For starters, he proved he could endure what was probably the most excruciating pain ever felt in his career, that he could come back from being nearly submitted and get the finish himself, and that there is probably no situation wherein he would ever give up, at all.

More importantly, however, Khan showed the world that he has heart.

This Friday night, Khan returns to action. Don’t miss the return of Singaporean lightweight sensation Amir Khan at ONE: UNSTOPPABLE DREAMS! Catch the action live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, or download the recently launched ONE Super App on Android and iOS.


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