The 5 Most Epic Finishes Of Amir Khan’s Career

ONE Superstar Amir Khan from the Evolve Fight Team is one of the most electric performers in the ONE lightweight division. The 25-year-old is the perfect amalgamation of size, strength, and skill. Not a lot of opponents can stand up to his deliberate fighting style. As a result, Khan holds the record of having the most knockouts in ONE Championship history (a record he shares with Evolve Fight Team colleague Christian Lee).

Whenever Khan steps onto the canvas and gets ready to go to war, one thing is certain. The Singaporean sensation is looking to end matters abruptly, and in highlight-reel fashion. Khan aims to pull off yet another jaw-dropping finish in his next bout.

This Friday, 22 November, live from the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Khan returns to action to face Malaysia’s Ev “E.T.” Ting, a fellow former ONE World Title challenger. The two square off in a three-round lightweight contest as the co-main event of ONE: Edge of Greatness.

Before Khan climbs back into the Circle, let’s take a quick look at some of his most exciting performances so far. Today, Evolve Daily shares five of the most epic finishes of Amir Khan’s career.


1) Rajinder Singh Meena – TKO

At 25 years of age, Khan has youthful exuberance on his side. He’s equally as aggressive as he is relentless, which is a terrifying combination when a fighter possesses the kind of tools Khan has in his arsenal. That hasn’t been more evident in his career than when he faced India’s Rajinder Singh Meena in 2017.

Nicknamed “Knockout”, Singh Meena was a feared finisher when he was with SFL before joining ONE Championship. He posed a stiff challenge for Khan at this stage in his career.

However, the promising young Khan delivered the goods emphatically. Khan was ruthless from the opening bell. He peppered Singh Meena with a plethora of power shots from all angles, showcasing his complete repertoire of offensive weapons, including knees, sharp elbows, and punishing high kicks.

Singh Meena was simply overwhelmed and was crushed under giant pressure, and Khan earned another fantastic TKO finish just a little under a minute and a half in the first round. The entire crowd was on its feet.


2) Jaroslav Jartim – KO

After defeating Singh Meena, Khan returned a few months later to face Czech Republic’s Jaroslav Jartim, another dangerous finisher. Whereas Khan showcased his ability to overwhelm an opponent in his last fight, the 25-year-old Singaporean Muay Thai Champion put his concussive knockout power on full display in this one.

Jartim was no match for Khan’s explosiveness. With just a little over a minute into the first round, Khan stunned Jartim with a left head kick, and then delivered a blistering right cross that connected on the jaw. The shot instantly put Jartim away and out for good.

There was certainly no doubt about Khan’s ability to end fights in the blink of an eye after this bout. The Singaporean sensation put the lightweight division on notice.

Khan also displayed a lot of his wrestling and jiu-jitsu in this bout as well, even being able to take Jartim’s back and fishing for a rear naked choke.


3) Sung Jong Lee – TKO

Taking on South Korean Sung Jong Lee in May of 2018, Khan was up against a grappler who was notoriously sticky on the ground. Lee is one of those fighters who, once the action hits the mats, like to stay put right where they are.

The first round saw Lee do exactly that, as he brought Khan into his world. Khan spent the most part defending against Lee’s various heel hook attempts. He was able to do some damage here and there, to the delight of Khan’s hometown Singaporean crowd. It was an exciting first round for sure, and both men were exhausted after five non-stop minutes of action.

In the second round, however, Khan made his presence known. Khan proved his indomitable will, surviving a deep heel hook from Lee, and then delivered a torrential storm of hammer fists and knees.


4) Honorio Banario – Submission

Just after taking care of business against Lee, Khan resurfaced later that year to take on veteran Team Lakay fighter and former ONE Featherweight World Champion Honorio “The Rock” Banario.

It was a highly-anticipated showdown between two top lightweights. Banario, at the time, was in the midst of a career resurgence, having won five straight heading into the showdown with Khan. For all intents and purposes, Banario was the hottest streaking lightweight.

None of that mattered to Khan, who made quick and easy work of the former ONE World Titleholder.

Khan and Banario are both lethal strikers, with Khan pitting his Muay Thai up against Banario’s world-class Wushu. But this bout ended with Khan showcasing his skills on the canvas instead.

After shooting for a single leg, Khan chained his wrestling to take Banario’s back. From there, he dragged the Filipino to the mat and secured the hooks. A deep rear naked choke soon followed, and then the inevitable tap out.


5) Vaughn Donayre – Submission

But if there’s one performance that could define Khan as a fighter, really show his heart, tenacity, and will to win, it was his 2016 victory over BJJ purple belt Vaughn “The Spawn” Donayre.

Khan was in big trouble after Donayre caught him in a defensive lapse, the Filipino sinking in a wrenching kimura midway through the second round. It was no doubt a painful situation, but Khan powered through his predicament and refused to surrender.

When Donayre realized Khan wasn’t going to tap to the kimura, he transitioned to an armbar attempt. This gave Khan the opening he needed to escape.

Khan began to turn the tide, and in round three, took Donayre’s back and sunk in a rear naked choke of his own to clinch the submission win. It was a beautiful display of Khan’s iron will and refuse-to-lose attitude.


Can Khan turn in another awesome performance this Friday night against Ev Ting? Tune in to ONE: Edge of Greatness to support the Evolve Fight Team.

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