The 7 Deadly Sins Of Martial Arts

As martial artists, it goes without saying that we hope to make progress and eventually become the best martial artists we can be. Unfortunately, we sometimes get in the way of our own progress – whether we realize it or not. The thing is, it’s never too late to notice and spot the ways you’re sabotaging your training and do what you can to change that.

In order to make the most out of every moment you have in training, you have to stop committing these deadly sins.

Today, Evolve Daily reveals The 7 Deadly Sins Of Martial Arts:

1) Gluttony

The elbow is a fundamental strike in Muay Thai.

As its name suggests, gluttony is the overindulgence of food. In the case of martial artists, gluttony happens when you overeat junk food, snacks, and sweets. Apart from the fact that these processed treats don’t benefit your body nutritionally, they also add inches to your waistline! Yes, even if you work out regularly – because you can’t out-exercise a poor diet. That’s why it’s important to fuel up with nutritious food before and after your workouts (and even on days you aren’t training).

Of course, the occasional cheat meal is fine. After all, everything is alright in moderation – just make sure you don’t get carried away and continue eating unhealthy food after that cheat meal!


2) Lust

Being well rounded in BJJ means training both in the gi and no-gi.

Our constant exposure to social media, advertisements, and magazines has warped our perception of beauty and attractiveness. Hence, it comes as no surprise that we have unrealistic standards. If you think about it, we’re actually comparing ourselves to airbrushed models and photos which have been digitally enhanced or edited to present the subjects in the best light.

Unfortunately, the desire to look good sometimes ends up being the only driving factor behind why we choose to train. While it’s good to work towards having a healthy toned body, your end goal shouldn’t be solely to look a certain way. This is because when you don’t end up getting the physical results you hope for, you will get disheartened and might even give up.


3) Greed

BJJ equips you with the skills to defend yourself in real life situations.

The problem with being greedy with your results is that you might sometimes end up setting and working towards unrealistic goals. As greed makes you obsess about the outcome, it could potentially lead you to doing too much too soon and also prevent you from embracing the journey – which matters so much more than the destination.


4) Wrath

Heavy bag work is a great way to build strength and endurance for Muay Thai and Boxing.

Like all things in life, your martial arts journey will also be filled with ups and downs. While we can’t prevent the obstacles from getting in our way, we have control over how we choose to handle and overcome them. The question is, do you let yourself get swept away by your emotions when dealing with your low points?

If you let your negative thoughts and emotions get the best of you, chances are, you might get angry and beat yourself up or blame everything else that you can possibly find fault with. However, this will do nothing but take you even further away from your goals.


5) Envy

BJJ World Champion and ONE Superstar Brodinho Issa trains hard at the Evolve MMA Fighters Program.

Do you have the tendency to compare yourself to others at the gym? And if you do so, do you find yourself getting jealous – perhaps because your peers are either getting fitter or advancing at a faster rate than you?

Jealousy is one of the worst qualities to have because, at the end of the day, the only person you should compete with is yourself. When you learn to do so, you can then truly focus on yourself and work towards becoming the best version of yourself ever.


6) Pride

Shadowboxing improves your balance and coordination.

During your martial arts journey, you might get submitted or “defeated” by someone smaller or less experienced than you. When this happens, do you let your ego prevent you from learning from your mistakes? The thing is, you can really learn from everyone and progress from there.

Besides that, when you let pride get in the way, you might become full of yourself – which can be dangerous, because pride comes before a fall. And at the end of the day, there will always be someone fitter, stronger, faster or better than you. So it’s best to leave your ego at the door and not flaunt what you have simply for the purpose of showing off.


7) Sloth

The roundhouse kick has a reputation of being the most devastating kick in Muay Thai.

There will be days when you feel unmotivated to work out, the question is, will you give in to those feelings of laziness? When you do, it will be even harder to get back on track – and it could end up becoming a bad habit of making excuses to miss training. Hence, you will end up slowing down your progress.


At some point, most of us will have committed one or more of these training sins. The thing is, are you going to learn from your mistakes and get the most out of your martial arts journey?

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