The Best Workout For People Who Hate Exercising

This time, it is going to stick.

Not like last time, when it rained every morning for a week straight. The awful weather threw you off your jogging routine, and you never did get back on track. Or the time before that, when you got bored with the gym. You got tired of the same old routine, going from cardio to weights to resistance training and back to weights again. Day after day after day.

This time around, you are going to keep at it. No comfy bed, weather, or monotony will keep you from your fitness goals. This time you have it handled. This time you’ve discovered martial arts.

Now, let us be real for a minute. If your fitness routine did not take last time or the time before that, what makes you think you will nail it next time? Have you discovered a better way? A workout that will combat your lack of motivation?

We have. The name of it is martial arts training. If you are searching for the thing that will keep you engaged for the long haul, martial arts are it. Let us count the ways.


1) Learning a new skill will keep you going

A Muay Thai student throws an elbow at a pad

You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a one-hour Muay Thai class.

If you can go through your workout routine in your sleep, then it is time for a change. This is because your body is likely using muscle memory to go through the motions, which means that chances are very high that your body is phoning it in. This makes your workout routine both boring and ineffective. When your boring workout seems to have no results, you will get discouraged and quit.

Amir Khan punching the heavy bag

The heavy bag is a much-needed boxing tool if you want to increase your power.

Learning a martial art is the complete opposite of this scenario. For starters, to learn a martial art technique, your brain will need to be alert and focused. Your body will have to move in ways that it is not used to. As you practice the technique over and over again, you will get a full-body workout. At the same time, your brain will keep working as it learns to move your limbs and torso just right.

Here is the best part. Once you have perfected one move, you move on to a brand new technique. Which forces your brain and body to learn something new all over again. Because none of this is boring, you will keep going to the gym. Out of curiosity, if nothing else.


2) You learn to defend yourself as you work out

Who knew that you could go to the gym and pick up a life skill? Now you know. Self-defense is a useful skill that every person should learn. Like insurance, self-defense is something we hope to never need, but when the need arises, we are glad to have it.

Kill several birds with one stone. Break a sweat, lose some weight, sculpt those muscles and learn to kick butt.


3) Most martial arts are effective, full-body exercises

Benedict-Ang training boxing at Evolve MMA

Boxing is also known as ‘The Sweet Science.’

Forget switching from one workout station to the other. With martial arts, you get to combine a brisk cardio workout with resistance training. In a single session, you get to exercise all the muscles in your core and limbs. You will also get your blood pumping at full speed, which will condition your heart and lungs.

Apart from being effective, martial arts are an efficient workout. You get to work all the muscles of the body at the exact same time. This makes a martial arts training session the perfect workout for someone that is pressed for time.


4) Your workout will not feel like a chore

A Muay Thai fighter throws a kick at the pads.

Martial arts develops you mentally as well as physically.

Once you get the hang of a few techniques, you will get the chance to try them on your sparring partners. With time and practice, you will start holding your own against your teammates. Every once in a while, at least. As your skill level goes up, you will notice that you are ‘winning’ more sparring matches.

You will be so focused on training and improving your technique that you will be a little sad when each session ends. Whenever you can, you will spend extra time at the gym or studio. One day, you will realize that you have developed finely chiseled abs. But you will only celebrate for a minute, because you just learned a new move, and you need to perfect it.


5) You will become part of a team, and your teammates will keep you accountable

A group of Muay Thai students

The martial arts fun never stops at Evolve MMA.

In the unlikely event that you wake up and find that you are ‘not in the mood,’ the thought of your teammates will get you motivated. Your sparring partners will need you at the gym for practice. On the rare occasions when you miss a session, your trainer and your teammates will call to find out if you are okay. The concern from your teammates will make you feel like you belong.

When you do well, your team members will cheer you on. The encouragement will be the fuel that you need to keep going. Being part of a great team will motivate you to show up for your training sessions, without fail.


6) Martial arts training also works wonders for your mental health

In so many ways. Most martial arts have an element of meditation. This is to complement and balance out the ‘fight mode’ of sparring. The meditative aspect of martial arts helps you focus your energies on nothing but the task at hand: Training. As a result, meditation pushes negativity and stress from the body and mind, which will leave you centered and relaxed.

As you learn and practice your techniques, you will also get the chance to work the stress out your body with physical exercise. Turns out that taking up a martial art is therapeutic.


Martial Arts Training Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

If you’ve had trouble with sticking to a fitness regiment, then it is time for something different. Something like martial arts training. Take the first step towards a fitness routine that works.

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