Here’s Why The Most Important Person In Your Life Is You

At some point in our lives, we’ve all struggled with comparing ourselves to others. He’s better, she’s prettier, he’s more successful – instead of incessant commentary about others, Evolve Daily helps you focus on what’s more important – YOU.

Competition is normal – it’s human nature to want to be better than others. But what we forget is that everyone is different. Learning curves, body shapes, interests, genetics – nobody’s the same.

In our constant struggle with comparison, we lose track of what should be our most important task as human beings – concentrating on improving ourselves.


Here’s what happens when you keep comparing yourselves with others:

1. You’ll waste time

Instead of using up all your energy on thinking about how well others are doing, do something else for yourself! Chances are, you’ll be more productive because you’re actually doing something useful – like learning martial arts or taking a cooking class.


2. You’ll end up resenting others

Because you’ve thought so much about how a certain teammate did better or worse than you at the last competition, you may no longer regard him or her as a friend. Worse, you might end up resenting yourself too.


3. You’ll never be satisfied

If we keep on tallying up our advantages and disadvantages over certain people, we’ll never know what it’s like to be truly satisfied. We’ll always find something wrong with others or ourselves, leaving us frustrated in the end.


4. You’ll never become the best you can be

We’ll never achieve our goals if we keep on stepping back and analyzing how other people are doing. We can become the best version of ourselves possible only if we spent more time on our personal growth as opposed to constantly scrutinizing others.

Have we convinced you to stop comparing? Here’s how you can start:

First, focus on yourself

Instead of allowing yourself to waste energy on matters that will just make you sad and anxious, why not focus on becoming better, just a little bit every day? Whether it’s physical fitness or learning a new skill, there’s always something you can do to aim to be the best you can be.

Next, ask yourself why you’ve started in the first place

Perhaps you’re wondering why you even bother to compare yourself to others. Maybe it’s because you feel that there’s something in your life that needs improvement. Don’t be afraid of wanting to become better – you should always feel confident enough in yourself and your abilities.


We should always strive to be the best we can be – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. By focusing on making ourselves better 1% a day and relishing in what we’ve accomplished, we’ll become much happier in the end.


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