These Are The Most Unexpected Lessons Martial Arts Teaches Us

One of the greatest aspects of martial arts is its ability to impart values and lessons on its practitioners throughout the journey of learning. We have often brought to light the many benefits of training martial arts, which includes both physical and mental properties. However, there does exist a handful of lessons we learn that we may not be aware of.

Our martial arts journey is a long and winding road, one that we begin to traverse the moment we first step into the gym. Without realizing it, we take the first step towards becoming a martial artist by making the decision to train and learn in the first place.

Aside from this, we also pick up many lessons from training martial arts that we can apply to our everyday lives. As human beings, we are not born with the intrinsic values of perseverance, willpower, and determination. These values, we learn through experience in hardship. Of course, experience is responsible for shaping us into who we are today.

Martial arts has the ability to teach us these life lessons beforehand so that when we are met with difficult situations in our own lives, we are better equipped to handle them. Today, Evolve Daily shares five unexpected lessons we learn from training martial arts.


1) Failure is equal to success

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Posted by Evolve MMA on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

People have a natural-born fear of failure. We are often afraid to make mistakes for various reasons, whether it is being made to look incapable or inept, or simply because we are afraid to face our own shortcomings. What many don’t realize, however, is that failure has often been credited for being the key to success.

In martial arts, we are taught to embrace failure, and recognize it as the main ingredient to learning.

There are many instances during our martial arts training that we will undoubtedly and epically fail. A perfect Muay Thai roundhouse kick doesn’t materialize on its own. Behind it are hours and hours of practice, failing over again until we understand. It’s not possible to see how a move can go right, without first seeing the hundreds of ways it can go wrong.

In this, martial arts teaches us that we can and will fail, and we will fail often. As such, we become accustomed to failing. It becomes part of our lives. But martial arts, through its infinite wisdom, is able to transform disappointment into opportunity.


2) There are no limits to what we can achieve

Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick

The lessons learned in the martial arts gym can be applied all throughout your life.

Oftentimes, we place various physical limits within ourselves. A voice lingers in our mind telling us what we can and cannot do. It makes tasks appear extremely difficult and discourages us from making progress. This is the voice of self-doubt.

‘There is no way I could ever lose all this weight’. ‘I just can’t jump that high’. ‘I can’t run that fast, or even that long’.

These are just some of the things we tell ourselves. What martial arts teaches us is that there are absolutely no limits to what we can achieve. In fact, the limits that we perceive are often self-imposed. Human beings are physically capable of amazing things, and martial arts serves very well to unlock that potential.

Furthermore, martial arts instills in us a supreme sense of self-confidence. In a way, martial arts unshackles your mind from self-doubt and introduces us to what is humanly possible.

After just a few training sessions, you’ll notice a sudden surge of strength and energy. This is martial arts starting to change you, improving your fitness and breaking your limits. Soon, you’ll be doing the things in the martial arts gym you said you could never do, and possibly much more.


3) We thrive in discomfort

It is commonplace for people to seek the path of least resistance. We are so deep into our own comfort zones that we rarely take risks because of this, and as a result, we miss out on a lot of valuable experience. Everyone wants it fast and easy, but in reality, nothing worthwhile ever is. All good things in life require hard work and sacrifice.

During martial arts training, we learn to become accustomed to discomfort. Martial arts is an intense physical workout, perhaps the most challenging we will ever encounter in our entire lives. Often, we find ourselves looking to push past the breaking point. When we think we could never go a single round more, we soon find out that we indeed can.

It is this constant level of discomfort that we thrive in during martial arts training that shapes and hardens us into tougher individuals, ready to face any challenge. Whether that challenge is in the gym, in the classroom, or at our workplace, martial artists are never discouraged by hardship, we revel in it.


4) That we can’t do it all alone

Martial Arts Gym

Nothing is stronger than the friendships forged in the martial arts gym.

Life, just as in martial arts, was never meant to be a solitary experience. We are social beings by nature, and we can’t certainly do it all alone. Along the way, we meet like-minded people in the martial arts gym, those who will share this journey with us.

It is important to place trust and belief in our own talents and abilities. Knowing oneself is essential in any endeavor, but one of the greatest lessons martial arts teaches us is that we need each other to learn and grow as a unit. As we are helped along by our comrades, we too discover others who need help from us, and we learn to share our talent and capabilities to inspire them.

During our martial arts training, we will learn to work and train with our teammates. Success can only be achieved through cooperation. When you see martial artists in competition, on the surface, it may seem like the two athletes are to face each other one on one. Not immediately evident is the amount of work that went into reaching that point.

Martial arts is practiced in a team environment. We practice together. We discover flaws together. We improve together.


5) There are no shortcuts

Perhaps the greatest lesson that martial arts teaches us is that there are no shortcuts to success. Everything worthwhile — from achieving weight loss to mastering various techniques — requires patience, perseverance, and an unwavering will to succeed.

In martial arts, there are no easy paths to victory. Everything is attained through old fashioned hard work and dedication. This becomes apparent within the first few weeks of training. To reach a certain level of mastery, years of practice is undoubtedly required.

Throughout your martial arts journey, things will get incredibly challenging. You’ll be faced with obstacles that will require copious amounts of sacrifice, dedication, and discipline. Somewhere down the path, however, you will realize that everything you need is already deep inside you.

Just as in martial arts, life is never easy. We all face our own challenges. But with the right amount of hard work, drive, and determination, we inevitably get from point A to point B. This is a lesson we learn that permeates the martial arts gym and extends into our personal lives.

So, are you ready to learn these lessons and level up your life through the power of martial arts? Try out a martial arts class today.

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