WATCH: This 50 Year Old Man Lost 43 Kilos In 18 Months Doing These 2 Simple Things (Video)

If someone told you there was a magic pill you could take that promised longevity, athleticism, and overall fitness – what would you do? For 50-year old Paul Kewene-Hite, this magic pill lies in his martial arts journey at Evolve MMA, a journey that has completely changed his life in ways that he had never imagined.

Throughout his life, Paul had always considered himself a focus-driven achiever. A professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD, one of the top 5 business schools in the world, Paul was no stranger to promoting excellence inside and outside the classroom. However, at age 49, he realized that he had to do something about his health.


I wanted to meet my future grandchildren, to play with them,” admits Paul, “I wanted to be around as long as possible.”

He then made the life-changing decision to learn the beautiful art of Muay Thai at Evolve MMA. After trying many different martial art forms, from Karate to Aikido, it was Muay Thai that had struck a different chord with Paul. He began to attend the early Muay Thai classes at Evolve MMA PoMo Mall, training two hours each day from Monday to Saturday.

For Paul, it was the experience of training with World Champions that made all the difference. “The instructors are not just people who have taken a class. These are World Champions, people who have held the champion belt over their heads!” he says.

“I lost 43 kilos in a year and a half,” reveals Paul.

He had also made some drastic changes in his diet, cutting out processed food completely. It was an incredible change for him, especially for someone who had felt so unfit almost all his life. For once, he no longer felt heavy or out of shape. He turned into a whole new person in a span of 18 months, all at the age of 50.

“I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life,” Paul says, “I feel absolutely fantastic.”

paul kewene-hite

Paul, before and after he trains at Evolve MMA.


As fate would have it, Paul would discover that year that he had a tumor in his colon. On that same day, he would also learn that he was chosen as Evolve MMA’s Student Of The Month. It was decided that the announcement would be postponed until Paul’s recovery. “Checking into the hospital for surgery felt like the strangest thing because I felt like I was in fantastic shape,” he recalls. As bittersweet as the news was, Paul simply accepted his fate and awaited the long road to recovery. He knew that it would be awhile before he would be able to train again.

Fortunately for Paul, it would only be a few months until he would recover and resume his training regimen. In fact, he believes that he would not have recovered so fast if it weren’t for his Muay Thai training.

“After a few months, I was able to recover,” says Paul, “I firmly believe that the condition I was in because of Evolve, because of Muay Thai and how diligent I’ve been; gave me the physical condition to recover much faster.”


Today, Evolve MMA is proud to announce Paul Kewene-Hite as Evolve MMA’s Student Of The Month. The Evolve Family would like to extend Paul our sincerest congratulations on his well-deserved Student of the Month honors. He is truly an inspiration to us all and we believe he has what it takes to become successful in martial arts and in life. We look forward to seeing him continue to strive for excellence in his martial arts journey here at Evolve MMA.


Here are what Paul’s instructors have to say about him:

Saknarong Sityodtong, Muay Thai Champion, Muay Thai Instructor :

Paul is an amazing person. He’s very enthusiastic and brings a lot of positive energy to class. He is very determined to train hard everyday to stay fit. I am very proud to be part of his martial arts journey here at Evolve MMA.”

Muangfalek Kiatvichian , Muay Thai World Champion, Muay Thai Instructor

Paul is very disciplined and comes to classes 6 days a week. He attends the first class every morning. He makes the classes fun because he is very friendly. For his age, Paul is very strong and energetic. He’s a great student and always tries to improve himself in Muay Thai. He is wonderful!”

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