This Is How Martial Arts Helps You Take Control Of Your Life

Sometimes, life can get really overwhelming. Before we know it, everything that we’ve pushed aside for times when we’re “less busy”, gets forgotten altogether. Because of our hectic schedules, never-ending meetings along with unexpected events, we end up putting off the things that could possibly make us feel happier, healthier, and centered.

But the truth is, everybody is “busy” in his/her own way. There will never be a perfect time/day to do what you really want. In that sense, martial artists are truly lucky individuals. They are able to do what they want when they want because they are living their happiness. If you’re tired of putting your happiness on hold, read on and find out how martial arts helps you take control of your life:

Because you will feel ready to face anything

BJJ is also known as “The Gentle Art”.

One of the biggest reasons we avoid making changes or taking risks is because we are afraid that it might not work out in our favor. And sometimes, it does. All you need is confidence to know that it’s OK to take a chance and that you can survive the consequences if it doesn’t go your way. Martial arts gives you the confidence you need to assure you that you can face any obstacle/challenge that you may face.


Because you will be OK with making mistakes

A martial arts class can help you burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.

How many times have you contemplated switching jobs/learning something new only to talk yourself out of it because you’re afraid to fail? Often, we tend to scrap our goals and dreams because we think they’re unattainable/impossible to do. When you practice martial arts, you understand that making mistakes is part of learning. It’s just something that everyone goes through to become better at his/her martial art of choice.


Because you will have a purpose

We all talk about how we don’t have enough time to get anything done, but what we fail to realize is that our schedule could be better planned. Nowadays, it’s too easy to lose track of time scrolling through social media or watching TV shows – time that could have been spent doing something more productive. When you train martial arts, you’ll track your time better because you have a purpose. You have to make it to training with no fail – at least one or two hours a day, three times a week. With martial arts in your life, you’ll have a better way to make time for things that truly matter – there’s no doubt about it.


Because you will be disciplined

Martial artists always have a plan – they have a goal and know that they have to do anything and everything they can to achieve that goal. They are honest with themselves and their own promises because they know that going to training is more than just getting a workout in. Having discipline gives you the direction and motivation you need to stop listening to those voices in your head and just get the job done. You’d be surprised at how much your life would change with a little bit more discipline.


Because you will be more patient

The armbar from the mount is one of the first submissions you’ll learn in BJJ.

Nothing in this world comes easy, and martial artists of all people can attest to this. They know that only continuous hard work and perseverance will help them reach their dreams. In our daily lives, we should aspire to be patient with ourselves, especially when it comes to achieving our goals. It takes time to break old habits and change – why not give yourselves a break and accept this.


There are many lessons we could learn from martial arts, and these are just a few of them. By following the lessons above, you’d undoubtedly see positive results, which will only motivate you to push yourself further and accomplish more. So go on, be the best you can be and try a martial arts class today. You might just surprise yourself!

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