WATCH: 12 Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drills Everyone Should Know (Video)

There’s no doubt that multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Pornsanae Sitmonchai knows a thing or two about perfecting techniques. And for Pornsanae, there’s no better way to do it than by drilling on the heavy bag. In this video, Pornsanae demonstrates 12 Essential Muay Thai Drills For The Heavy Bag that every Muay Thai student must practice and eventually perfect in their Muay Thai journey.

The heavy bag, which is one of the best tools one can use to increase power, is also great for improving technique. Should you find yourself without a training partner, the heavy bag is definitely more than a suitable replacement.

Remember, the key to improving faster is through constant drilling, regardless of which martial art you practice. Should you choose to practice these 12 drills on a regular basis, you’ll definitely find your Muay Thai skills improving in no time at all!

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