WATCH: 3 Awesome Pushups For Explosive Power In Martial Arts (Video)

Every martial artist knows that being in peak physical condition is always an advantage, regardless of whether they train for recreational purposes or competition. For ONE Superstar Mark Striegl, strength and conditioning is the perfect way to supplement his MMA training.

In this video, Mark demonstrates 3 Awesome Pushups For Explosive Power In Martial Arts. These pushups will undoubtedly test your upper body and core strength, as well as your coordination.

In order to add these pushups to your workout routine, ensure that first and foremost, you can perform a standard pushup with perfect form. When you can do at least 10 standard pushups, you can move on to these three. To get the full benefits of these pushups, Mark suggests completing them after a run, starting off with at least 3 sets of 5 pushups per exercise.

When you feel more confident about your strength and cardio levels, increase the repetitions but be sure to maintain perfect form at all times!

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