WATCH: 5 Devastating Muay Thai Roundhouse Body Kick Combinations (Video)

All Muay Thai practitioners know how painful a perfectly executed Muay Thai roundhouse body kick feels. Hands down, a Muay Thai roundhouse body kick is the most damaging kick in martial arts all because it utilizes the force of your entire body in one single blow. Who better to demonstrate some devastating body kicks than multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadaogym?

Considered to be one of the best pound-for-pound Muay Thai fighters in the world today, Nong-O’s aggressiveness and beautiful technique shines through in these combinations.

Curious about how you can improve your roundhouse body kicks? Evolve Daily has the answers:

1) Know your range

Before you kick, set up with jabs to determine the distance between you and your opponent. If he’s within an arm’s reach, that means you’re within range for a perfect body kick.


2) Find the perfect angle

If you have an orthodox stance, you’re already at a great angle to execute a skipping left roundhouse body kick. For a right roundhouse body kick, you’ll need to step in more to the left in order for your shin to land diagonally on your opponent’s abdomen.


3) Put some power into your kick

For any Muay Thai kick, all your power is derived from the rotation of your hips (which are driven by your legs and “twirling” on the ball of your foot). As you swing your rear/right leg, make sure your right arm swings down at the same time for balance and that your right hip fully rotates over the left. By following these pointers, you’ll always have more torque and power in your kicks.


4) Find your balance

Often times, Muay Thai practitioners will lose their balance while trying to kick because of all the power that they focus on trying to strike. To stay balanced, as you rotate your hips to kick, balance on the ball of your foot, and not on your knee.

Also, remember to maintain your posture at all times. If you lean back too much, you’ll fall over!


5) Know how to react

Your reaction after you throw a kick can make all the difference in your attack. Do remember to quickly transition into your next move. This way, your opponent will have less time to attack, since his defense is already down.

There’s no doubt that constant practice will improve your techniques by a hundredfold. Do find the time to drill these combinations on a heavy bag or practice them lightly with a partner.


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