WATCH: 5 Of The Flashiest Fighters In MMA (Videos)

Throughout the history of popular combat sports, flashy fighters tend to be some of the greatest and most remembered. Fighters like Muhammad Ali from the world of Boxing, or Saenchai PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym of Muay Thai have dazzled fans throughout their careers with their charisma and unique styles in the ring. But with a sport like MMA, where fighters are allowed to do so much more, you can expect things to get a whole lot flashier.

Today, Evolve Daily takes a look at 9 Of The Flashiest Fighters In MMA:

1) Kazushi Sakuraba

“Stand up, ground, punch, kick, arm submissions, leg submissions, showmanship, charisma – he is the package. The total package!”
– Stephen Quadros & Eddie Bravo

Hardcore fans would agree that Kazushi Sakuraba was one of the flashiest and most exciting fighters to watch in the history of MMA. Dubbed by many as “The Gracie Hunter”, Sakuraba is not just flashy in one department of his MMA game, but in his entire approach to fighting. From his signature jumping dropkicks to cartwheel guard passes, Sakuraba never fails to bring something new to the table.


2) Anderson Silva

As the man himself once said, “I believe I can do things people think are impossible.” Former UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva earned his status as MMA’s G.O.A.T. by appearing almost inhuman at times in the MMA cage. His uncanny speed and unpredictable style of striking makes him a nightmare for almost any opponent. And his showboating and ability to dodge punches as if they were coming at him in slow motion just makes him even more flashy and impressive.


3) Shinya Aoki

While fighters who specialize in grappling tend to be criticized for the lack of excitement they bring to a fight, Shinya Aoki is an exception. The Asian MMA legend and current ONE Championship Lightweight World Champion makes the list for being one of the most exciting fighters to watch on the ground – and that’s not something you can say about most fighters.

Having perhaps the most versatile submission record in all of MMA containing all kinds of locks and holds in a total of 25 submission wins just shows you how slick Aoki is when he goes to the ground. And if that isn’t enough to prove just how flashy he is, his trademark rainbow spats will.


4) Conor McGregor

There’s never been a fighter in the history of MMA with more charisma and swag than Irish MMA sensation Conor McGregor. There’s also never been a fighter that moves and fights like the recently crowned UFC Interim Featherweight Champion either. With incredible boxing, spinning back kicks, spinning hook kicks, tornado kicks and more, McGregor is the epitome of flash and excitement inside, and outside the cage.


5) Anthony Pettis

There’s good reason why Anthony Pettis so proudly carries the moniker “Showtime”. The former WEC and UFC Lightweight Champion is a wonder to behold in the MMA cage. With a 3rd dan black belt in Taekwondo and a yellow rope in Capoeira, Pettis lives up to his nickname by throwing some of the most innovative kicking techniques in the game. Quite frankly, his famous “Showtime Kick” alone is enough to earn him a spot on this list.


When things get a little mundane and boring in the fast growing sport of MMA, we can always count on these fighters to put on an exhilarating fight!

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