WATCH: 5 Ways To Escape The Back Mount

Learning how to escape is one of the most essential concepts one must master as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student. Escapes prevent you from getting into vulnerable situations and ultimately, from getting submitted.

There’s no doubt that ONE Lightweight World Champion Shinya Aoki knows his BJJ concepts. A judo practitioner since the age of 10 and a BJJ black belt, Shinya is known for executing some of the flashiest submissions the MMA world has ever seen. In this video, Shinya shows 5 Escapes From The Back Mount, one of the most vulnerable positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Interested in improving your escapes? Here are more tips you can add to your BJJ repertoire:

1) Anticipate your opponent’s next move !

Knowing what your opponent is going to do will help you avoid being trapped in an unfavorable position. For example, if you know he is going to take your back, quickly square up with him before he gets the chance.

2) Create space !

By framing with your forearms and other parts of your body, you give yourself space to move. Doing so will give you the space you need to escape and reset into a more favorable position.

3) Move !

By moving, we don’t mean you should thrash your body around aimlessly and waste energy. As soon as you create space, move with efficiency and escape to regain a better position.


As with all BJJ concepts, the key is constant drilling and practice. During training, don’t be afraid to put yourself in bad situations and use those times as opportunities to practice your escapes. Remember, BJJ requires a lot of strategy. Don’t forget to have a strategy each time you perform a move and stay at least three steps ahead of your opponent!

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