WATCH: 5 Ways To Defend And Counter The Leg Kick (Video)

If you’ve ever watched a Muay Thai fight, or even an MMA fight, you’d know how much damage a leg kick could inflict. There’s no doubt that a properly executed leg kick could hinder one’s offensive and defensive techniques and put the fight in your favor.

A leg kick, also known as a low kick, requires you to strike your opponent’s thigh or calf with your shinbone or foot. You must also step in at a 45-degree angle, angling downwards with the higher part of your shin, making contact with your target. Because of its effectiveness in the ring, defending the leg kick could prove to be quite tricky.

If you’ve been wondering how to defend against the leg kick, you’re in luck. Today, Evolve Daily reveals How To Defend And Counter The Leg Kick:


1) Check the kick


Checking or blocking a kick is one of the simplest albeit most painful ways to block a leg kick. To check a kick, simply raise your blocking leg to the same level as your opponent’s kick.


Alternatively, you can choose to cross block the kick, depending on what you’re more comfortable with or which leg your weight is on. To decide on which block to use, think of your counterattack first. If you want to attack with a left kick, you should block with your left leg as you briefly step on the floor.


2) Evade the kick  


In the video above, notice how multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadao chooses to evade the kick by sliding back. As his opponent throws a leg kick, Nong-O takes a large step back, deflecting the kick. As soon as he deflects the kick, he launches his attack right away with his rear leg.


3) Attack straight away


If you’re facing a pressure fighter like a muay mat, who uses low kicks and punches, you should anticipate his attack before he tries anything. By quickly launching your attack rather than blocking or evading the kick, you’d certainly catch your opponent off guard. In the video above, Nong-O uses the push kick to off-balance as well as to attack his opponent. By using the push kick, he has the chance to launch a much stronger attack with his rear leg.


4) Side step


Another way to defend against a leg kick is to do a side step away from the kick and deliver a left kick with your rear leg. In the video above, as soon as Nong-O’s rear foot touches the floor, he follows the side step with two leg kicks. Be sure to immediately launch your attack, whether it be a punch or a kick right after you side step away from the leg kick.


To make these techniques part of your repertoire, practice with a partner and drill these defenses and counter attacks. Don’t forget to follow each defensive move with an attack to keep the fight in your favor. So go forth and train hard!

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