WATCH: 6 Basic Muay Thai Clinch Positions (Video)

It’s not hard to see why so many regard the ancient martial art of Muay Thai as one of the most best and most effective in the world. It allows the practitioner to use all the weapons available to the human body in kicking range, punching range, and the clinch, making it effective in all ranges of standup fighting unlike most other striking based martial arts.

And even though the art has been around for hundreds of years, it remains simple yet powerful in its approach, deadly yet beautiful in its technique. And this can’t be more perfectly represented than by the ever seamless and masterful technique of four-time Lumpinee Muay Thai World Champion and Evolve MMA instructor, Sagetdao Petpayathai.

In this video, Sagetdao demonstrates 6 basic positions for the Muay Thai clinch. The clinch is one of the most unique and important aspects of Muay Thai. It is often the position where knee and elbow techniques or combinations are executed. It has the ability to vastly improve your balance, body conditioning, endurance, and overall strength.

Watch as Sagetdao executes the different positions to perfection. Pay close attention to his overall posture and where he places his arms and feet in each position. And as it is with all martial arts, the key to perfecting these positions is constant practice. Clinching techniques will require you to be smart, calm and technically competent in order to execute well. So be sure to focus on perfecting the technique first before proceeding on to the combinations.
Finally, practice the positions during clinchwork to make sure they come naturally to you when the opportunity to use them presents itself and you’re good to go!

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