WATCH: 6 Monstrous MMA Knockouts To Start Your Morning

For fighters, there’s nothing more empowering than completely shutting the lights out of an opponent and puts an end to the fight. For us fans, there’s just something thrilling about watching a fighter collapse and lay motionless after getting hit with a monstrous knockout shot.

So today, Evolve Daily brings to you 6 Monstrous MMA Knockouts To Start Your Morning:

1) Timofey Nastyukhin Flying Knee/Soccer Kick KO vs. Eduard Folayang

Let’s kick off this list with MMA Mania’s 2014 Asian MMA Knockout of the Year. ONE Championship superstar and top MMA prospect Timofey Nastyukhin sent shock waves through the MMA world when he landed this flying knee and soccer kick knockout against fan favorite Eduard Folayang in his ONE debut.


2) Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers

This was the shot heard around the world. Fedor Emelianenko’s Strikeforce debut was one of the most anticipated moments in MMA back in 2009. Coming into the fight, the legendary Emelianenko had not lost a fight in nine years.

And he extended that streak against then undefeated American heavyweight, Brett Rogers. After an action packed first round left his face bloodied up, Emelianenko sent Rogers straight down to the canvas in the second round with one of the most devastating right hands ever seen in the sport. He then landed a few more strikes to Rogers on the ground to seal the deal.


3) Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

There’s good reason why Dan Henderson is one of the most feared punchers in the sport. Dubbed the “H-Bomb”, Dan Henderson’s right hand has put some of the biggest names in MMA to sleep. He does it again here against Michael Bisping at UFC 100. Henderson hit Bisping so hard that Bisping went completely unconscious even before hitting the canvas.


4) Koji Oishi vs. Honorio Banario

Japanese MMA veteran and former Pancrase Lightweight Champion Koji Oishi has fought former ONE Featherweight Champion Honorio Banario twice in the ONE Championship cage. This was their first meeting and Oishi was losing the fight before coming back in the second round to claim the title in spectacular fashion with perhaps the biggest one-punch knockout in ONE Championship history.


5) Carlos Condit vs. Dan Hardy

Pitting two of the most exciting strikers in the sport against one another is a recipe for destruction. And that’s exactly how Carlos Condit vs. Dan Hardy turned out. Both fighters willingly stood in front of one another and traded shots.

It was only a matter of time before someone got knocked out and when they both threw a left hook at the same time, it was Hardy that found himself flat on his back in the octagon.


6) Kevin Belingon vs. David Aranda

Kevin Belingon’s one-punch knockout over David Aranda is truly one of the most unique ones on this list. Instead of the usual explosive right cross which one-punch knockouts tend to be, Belingon actually knocked Aranda out cold with a left hook in the clinch. That is certainly a testament to amount of power power the young Filipino fighter possesses in his hands.


Knockouts like these never fail to excite and shock us, and it’s most certainly one of the reasons why we love MMA so much!

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